• Gold Striker finally rushing into California's Great America

    Au13 was explained to all today. California's Great America in Santa Clara, CA announced the addition of Gold Striker, the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in Northern California that will arrive in the 2013 season.

    The coaster project has been reintroduced by the park, which was delayed by the complaints of the park's business neighbors and a lawsuit filed by parent company Cedar Fair against the San Francisco 49ers football team that wanted to build a football stadium next door to the amusement park. The sale of the park to a subsidiary of the football team had fallen through. In the last year the 49ers and Great America have come to an agreement, terminating the lawsuit. Since then the wooden roller coaster project construction finally began this summer. The name of the new coaster embraces the history of California and the new neighbors the 49ers will be in the future to California's Great America.

    Goldstriker will be 3,197 foot long and join Great America's Grizzly as another wooden roller coaster offering in the park. A Great Coasters International creation, it will stand at 108 feet and have a first drop of 103 feet. Two Millenium Flyer trains will travel at a top speed of 53 mph.

    The first drop of Goldstriker will wrap around the Sky Tower observation tower. Almost immediately the trains will fly by the ride station.

    For more information please visit: California's Great America
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    1. hawkman -
      I might do there next year. I will probally ride it
    1. Graham -
      I guess that might explain the crane I saw there yesterday. This is pretty exciting since the park hasn't gotten anything new in years.
    1. Leo C -
      They must be lifting the bigger bents into place.

      I hope CGA is still around whenever I return to the area to be able to ride Gold Striker.
    1. coasterlove -
      It looks like a nice fast paced layout judging from the POV. Looks good.
    1. Leo C -
      It's win-win in the San Francisco Bay region. I always like the Roar! layout and both versions at SFDK and SFA. Two wooden coasters in the area with Millenium Flyer trains.