• Santa to retire: Santa's Land, VT closed and up for auction

    Santa is going to retire in Vermont. Santa's Land, a small amusement park in Putney, VT that had been in operation for 58 years, has closed.

    The Lyon & Son auction website has listed the equipment of the park is up for complete liquidation at auction on October 14. The highlights of the equipment available include a 1976 C.P. Huntington train, Hampton cars and trains kiddie rides, a 1981 Theel carousel, a big pink slide, other kiddie rides, and park equipment.

    Santa's Land will leave the small collection of family focused amusement parks that dot both Vermont and New Hampshire in the upper New England area. The park is not to be confused with the Santa's Land park in North Carolina with the Rudicoaster roller coaster.

    For more information and to view photos of the park visit: Lyon & Sons
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    1. robscoast -
      I am confused, Santa's land is in North Carolina, there is a Santa's village in New Hampshire. But both of those websites mention no closure.
    1. Leo C -
      There is a link in the article to the auction page for the park. There is a picture of the park's front sign in Vermont. In the article there is a disclaimer for the park in North Carolina. It was just mentioned for the fact the NC actually has a roller coaster.
    1. Brian H -
      The website for the one in VT doesn't mention the closure either, but its online calendar is for last year, and I found a couple news stories about it closing by doing a google search.