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ThrillNetwork Forum Etiquette

ThrillNetwork Forum Etiquette

1. All members must respect each other's opinions and feelings. This means name calling, flaming, and purely provocative, destructive or demeaning posts will not be tolerated.

2. Profanity on the boards is unacceptable. In addition to the commonly known "swear" or "cuss" words, we will not allow members to intentionally try to provoke negative reactions from other board members. Try to post in a manner that your post is suitable for prime time on the major television networks.

3. Use normal English grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. Do not post using ALL CAPS or without caps. Start each sentence with a capital letter, and end each sentence with a period, question mark, or exclamation point. We're not asking for perfection, only your best effort. Also avoid the use of chat room short hands like "u" or "ur." It really doesn't save any time, and makes posts very difficult to read.

4. Refrain from using colors or large fonts, unless it is to demonstrate a point. Simple replies and other posts (about 99 percent of forum posts) do not need to have different fonts, different sizes, or different colors.

5. Proofread all your posts. Everybody can make a typo, but there is a way to prevent these from appearing on the boards. Please proofread before you post and so remove any typos or spelling errors.

6. Do not start repeat topics. If you have an idea for a topic and are unsure if it has been discussed, use the search function. If you respond to an existing topic, it will be bumped to the top of the list just as a new topic would be. Since we have a lot of topics in the archive, and if any topics do come up during your search, but are located within the archive, you may open a new topic. Please do place a link to the archived topic as to avoid confusion and needless referrals to the archived topic from other board members.

7. Likewise, do not double post. If you have another thought, and no one else has replied to it, use the edit tool in your previous post to add your thought (you have the ability to edit your own posts). An exception can be made if at least 5 days have passed, or if the thread doesn't appear on the first page of threads in the residing forum. However, do not bump a topic for the sake of bumping it.

8. If you make a mistake, please use the edit tool to correct it.

9. You do not need to quote somebody if their post appears just above your own.

10. Make sure that any new topic you start is placed in the appropriate forum. For example: a topic about a rumored new ride in Alton Towers for 2004 should not be placed in the Construction forum, but in the Coaster & Park Rumors forum.

11. When starting new threads, please do not start for the sake of asking a question. You must be able to contribute immediately (in the first post of the thread) when you ask the question.

Please note that the ThrillNetwork Forum Etiquette does not only apply to posts, but also to signatures, chat, and other parts of this site.

Participating with a blatant disregard to the ThrillNetwork Forum Etiquette can and will be seen as disrespect to other members and staff, and thus disciplinary action may occur at the discretion of ThrillNetwork staff. Remember, we share the same common interest of having an interest in thrill rides, so let's keep it a clean place to do so!

Can you delete my account, or why don't we delete users who don't post in the forums?

Simply put... we do not delete accounts. Unless there is a certifiable technical reason (meaning we have exhausted troubleshooting an account issue that hinders the use of this site), we do not honor requests to delete accounts.

The answer is simple... we have features that require membership on ThrillNetwork (coaster count, download from speedzone, etc.).

In addition, commenting on stories and posting reviews for parks and rides do count, but they do not show up on forum searches.

Lastly, ThrillNetwork is not a forum-only site anymore. We ask you go and visit the other parts of the site and participate in those areas. We will never require a posting rule or anything like that, either.

How can I change my username?

Since there is no user mechanism to change usernames, and we do not have the manpower to go into the backend and handle such changes, you cannot change your existing username.

If you wish to change it, you must contact us using the contact form (link on the bottom of each page), note that you will be abandoning your current account because of a change of username, the reasons behind it, and then note the new username you wish to use.. When we acknowledge receipt of the email (we will usually reply to it within 24-48 hours), we may give further instructions, you can then proceed with registration unless we say otherwise.

You may only do this once per 12 month period. If there are extreme circumstances involved (including account or abuse issues), you must discuss this with an administrator.

Failure to do this may result in both accounts being suspended due to our duplicate usernames policy.

I'm logged in, but when I add to my coaster count, use chat, SpeedZone, or post in a news item, it says I'm not logged in?

The main site has slightly different cookie settings. vBulletin's log-in script does not account for these. However, the main site login will log you into the main site, SpeedZone, and the forums.

For instructions on how to remedy this, visit this FAQ Item...

Why can't I log in, or why can't I stay logged in?

Why can't I log in, or why can't I stay logged in?

You need to check the following:
  • Security settings, make sure you are allowing first party cookies, or at least those from
  • If you are using a 3rd party cookie blocker or security program (Norton Internet Security, PC-Cillin Internet Security, McAfee, SpySweeper, Spybot, etc.), you need to make sure that cookies from all domains are allowed.
  • If those are OK... try to clear your cookies from within your browser (do not do this when you have any browser windows open to
  • If that fails, you need to manually clear your cookies. For IE, they can typically be found in c:\windows\cookies in Win98/ME, and c:\Documents and Settings\<profile name>\Cookies in Windows 2000/XP. In Windows Vista, you must go to Control Panel (classic view) > Internet Options > Delete Button > Delete Cookies button (If you have category view, go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options > Delete Browsing History and Cookies > Delete Button > Delete Cookies button). Do not do so from within IE or your Temporary Internet Files folder. Make sure IE is NOT open when you do this. In Netscape/Firefox, Safari, or Opera, just clear your cookie cache.

What is ThrillNetwork's signature policy?

Revised February 13, 2011

We are well aware that some forums allow signatures with graphics, several lines, and crazy text. Some even allow advertising. Here at ThrillNetwork, we believe in the user experience.

So, we have placed technological limitations in place to help you follow it, but we are also choosing to share with you what the limits are (highlighted in italics). These easy-to-follow signature rules are so that the signatures don't cloud out the posts.

  • up to 700 characters, including spaces, w/ BBCode markup (400 characters w/out BBCode -- about 100 characters per line)
  • Maximum 4 lines per signature, including blank lines
  • Maximum font size of 4
  • No images are allowed, except for smileys (limit 10 smileys)
  • Blatant libel/slander/flaming, "hidden jabs", or "low-blows" toward any staff, member, or any other person is not allowed
  • Links are allowed to inside links (links within and other related properties) and outside sites, including social networking profiles/pages as well as "outside interest" sites. However, we do not allow the following...
    • Links advertising the sale of products, services, etc. without prior advertising arrangements and the expressed written consent of
    • Blatant/malicious linking of any site to divert traffic away from
    • Linking to a page/site with a malicious and/or inappropriate intent (malware, phishing, hacking, adult/pornographic, prank/joke, etc.) and/or encourages/glorifies illegal activity.
  • staff get an extra line (5 lines) due to the line that is required to indicate their staff position as well as some extra leeway in character usage, but are otherwise subject to the same signature requirements.

Also, please do not use the "preview signature" or signature area in the user profile as a guide. The real guide for the signature is what it looks like in the post itself.

A member will receive one warning, in which the member will have 48 hours to rectify the situation (One warning during any 6 month period). Repeated violations of the signature policy will result in the deletion of the signature, the possible loss of signature privileges, and possibly the suspension/termination of their account.

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