Disneyland - Anaheim

Disneyland - Anaheim
1313 South Harbor Boulevard
Anaheim, CA 92803


Operating since 7/17/1955

TypeAmusement/Theme Park
SeasonJanuary - December
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To make the most of Disneyland - the ultimate corporate-escapist fantasy and the blueprint for countless imitations worldwide - throw yourself right into it. Don't think twice about anything and go on every ride you can. The high admission price includes them all, although during peak periods each one can entail hours of waiting in line. Over four hundred "Imagineers" worked to create the Indiana Jones Adventure , based on the Steven Spielberg movie franchise. Two hours of waiting are built into the ride, with an interactive archeological dig and 1930s-style newsreel show leading up to the main feature - a giddy journey along 2500ft of skull-encrusted corridors in which you face fireballs, falling rubble, venomous snakes and, inevitably, a rolling boulder finale. Disney claims that, thanks to computer engineering, no two Indiana Jones rides are ever alike. Judge for yourself. Among the best of the older rides are two in Adventureland : the Pirates of the Caribbean , a boat trip through underground caverns, giving you the chance to sing along with animatronic pirates; and the Haunted Mansion , a riotous "doom buggy" tour in the company of the house spooks. Fantasyland consists mainly of low-tech fairy-tale rides that won't scare the kiddies, but is much better than the tedious, dumbed-down Toontown to the north, a real snooze for adults. Tomorrowland is Disney's vision of the future, where the Space Mountain roller coaster zips through the pitch-blackness of outer space, and the Star Tours ride simulates a journey into the world of George Lucas. This section of the park has been updated in the last few years with space probes and "rocket rods," which underscores how Cold War-era this area still remains in its outlook.


$17,500,000 to build.

Roller Coasters

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Steel Roller Coaster Operating since 1979
Gadget's Go-Coaster Steel Roller Coaster Operating since 1993
Matterhorn Bobsleds (Side A) Steel Roller Coaster Operating since 1959
Matterhorn Bobsleds (Side B) Steel Roller Coaster Operating since 1959
Space Mountain Steel Roller Coaster Operating since 7/15/2005


Alice in Wonderland General Attraction Operating
Astro Orbitor Fixed Ride Operating since 1998
Autopia Fixed Ride Operating
Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Dark Ride Operating since 3/17/2005
Casey Jr. Circus Train Fixed Ride Operating since 1955
Chip 'n Dale Treehouse General Attraction Operating
Disneyland Monorail Fixed Ride Operating
Disneyland Railroad General Attraction Operating
Donald's Boat General Attraction Operating since 1993
Dumbo the Flying Elephant Fixed Ride Operating since 1955
Enchanted Tiki Room General Attraction Operating since 1963
Finding Nemo: Submarine Voyage Fixed Ride Operating Since 6/11/2007
Goofy's Bounce House General Attraction Operating since 1993
Haunted Mansion Dark Ride Operating since 8/9/1969
Honey, I Shrunk the Audience General Attraction Operating
Indiana Jones Adventure Dark Ride Operating since 1995
Innoventions General Attraction Operating since 1998
it's a small world Dark Ride Operating
Jolly Trolley General Attraction Operating since 1993
Jungle Cruise General Attraction Operating since 1955
King Arthur Carrousel Fixed Ride Operating
Mad Tea Party Fixed Ride Operating since 1955
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride General Attraction Operating since 1955
Peter Pan's Flight General Attraction Operating since 1955
Pinocchio's Daring Journey General Attraction Operating since 1983
Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin Fixed Ride Operating since 1994
Snow White's Scary Adventures General Attraction Operating
Star Tours Fixed Ride Operating
Tarzan's Treehouse General Attraction Operating since 1962
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Dark Ride Operating since 4/11/2003

Water Rides

Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoes Water Ride Operating
Pirates of the Caribbean Water Ride Operating since 1967
Splash Mountain Water Ride Operating since 7/18/1989
Storybook Land Canal Boats Water Ride Operating

Past Rides

Adventure Through Inner Space Dark Ride Operated
America Sings! General Attraction Operated
Astro Jets Fixed Ride Operated from 1956 to 1966
Captain EO General Attraction Operated
Carousel of Progress General Attraction Operated
Circlevision General Attraction Operated
Country Bear Jamboree General Attraction Operated
Flight to the Moon/ Flight to Mars General Attraction Operated
Flying Saucers Fixed Ride Operated
Midget Autopia Fixed Ride Operated
Mike Fink Keel Boats Fixed Ride Operated
Monsanto House of the Future General Attraction Operated from 1957 to 1967
Motor Boat Cruise Fixed Ride Operated
People Mover Fixed Ride Operated from 1967 to 1994
Rainbow Caverns Mine Train Fixed Ride Operated
Rocket Jets Fixed Ride Operated from 1967 to 1997
Rocket Rods Fixed Ride Operated from 1998 to 4/2001
Skyway Fixed Ride Operated from 1957 to 1994
Space Mountain Steel Roller Coaster Operated from 1977 to 2003
Submarine Voyage Water Ride Operated from 1959 to 1998


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