LeSourdsville Lake Amusement Park

5757 Hamilton Middletown Road
Middletown, OH 45044


Operated from 6/10/1922 to 9/1999 and 2002

TypeAmusement/Theme Park

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Re-opened under new ownership in 2002, but the park has not opened again since.

Roller Coasters

Little Dipper Steel Roller Coaster SBNO since 2002


Calypso Fixed Ride SBNO
Carousel Fixed Ride SBNO Operated since 1996
Electric Rainbow Fixed Ride SBNO Operated since 1960
Flying Skooters Fixed Ride SBNO operated since 1949
Galleon Fixed Ride SBNO Operated 1987- 1989, 2002
Giant Slide Fixed Ride SBNO
Iron Horse Train Ride Fixed Ride SBNO Operated since 1964
Kiddie Carousel Fixed Ride SBNO
Raging Thunder Flume/Chute Ride SBNO Operated since 1984
Scrambler Fixed Ride SBNO Operated since 1950
Tilt-A-Whirl Fixed Ride SBNO since 2002
Wave Jammer Fixed Ride SBNO since 2002

Past Rides

Antique Cars Fixed Ride Operated early 1960's to 1989
Brass Ring Carousel Fixed Ride Operated 1924 to 1986
Bumper Buggy Fixed Ride Operated 1982 to 1989
Custer Car Ride Fixed Ride Operated late 1920's to 1940?
Demolition Derby Fixed Ride Operated 1990 to 2002
Dodgem Cars Fixed Ride Operated 1940 to 1988
Ferris Wheel Fixed Ride Operated
Flying Coaster Fixed Ride Operated 1960's to 1986
Haunted House (Kooke Kastle) Fixed Ride Operated 1960's to 1982
Indy 500 Fixed Ride Operated 1970's to 1989
Jack Rabbit Steel Roller Coaster Operated from 1955 to 1968
Musik Express Fixed Ride Operated
Octopus Fixed Ride Operated
Paratrooper Fixed Ride Operated until 1989
Rock-O-Plane Fixed Ride Operated until 2002
Sanberos Fixed Ride Operated until early 1990's
Screechin' Eagle Wooden Roller Coaster Operated 1938-1999, 2002
Serpent Steel Roller Coaster Operated until 2002
Speedboats Fixed Ride Operated 1949 to early 1990's
Speedway (Turnpike) Fixed Ride Operated 1956 to 1962
Wild Mouse Steel Roller Coaster Operated
Zipper Fixed Ride Operated in 2002


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