The Twilight Zone - Tower of Terror

The Twilight Zone - Tower of Terror


Operating since 7/22/1994

ParkDisney's Hollywood Studios
TypeFixed Ride
Capacity1,530 pph

Ride Restrictions

Min Height40"
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Guests aboard The Twilight Zone - Tower of Terror are treated to one of the most heavily themed rides in existence. After queuing in the Hollywood Tower Hotel's overgrown courtyard and the dusty, abandoned lobby, guests enter the library where the lights go out and an old TV flickers on with Rod Serling introducing the plot. Guests then travel down to the boiler room where the entrance to the service elevator awaits, and inside is where the haunted elevator ride begins.

Going up, the elevator stops and opens its doors at various levels to different haunted scenes. Once at the top, the elevator performs a completely unnatural trick and begins moving forward! Weaving through "the 5th dimension," the elevator eventually comes to a halt. This is when the main act begins. The tower takes control and begins launching the elevator in a series of random, hair-raising ascents and descents of varying lengths.

Eventually, the tower releases its grip, and guests exit the elevator into the Tower of Terror gift shop.


In 2003, Tower of Terror was equipped with a computerized program that chooses between four random drop profiles, so some stays at the Hotel will be different than others.
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