Perilous Plunge

Perilous Plunge


Operated 9/15/2000 - 9/3/2012

ParkKnott's Berry Farm
TypeFlume/Chute Ride
BuilderIntamin AG
Drop Height115'
Max Speed53 mph
Capacity1,900 pph
RestraintsOver The shoulder Restraint

Ride Restrictions

Min Height54"
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At top speed, when each of the three multi-ton boats hit the lagoon at the base of the drop, the industry's largest recorded splash is produced - a 45-foot high, 180 degree plume that completey douses onboard riders as well as spectators on the exit ramp.

40,000 gallons of water is pumped up to the top of the ride per minute.

650,000 gallon splashdown-lagoon.

The ride's three boats each weigh 14,500 pounds, loaded.

First water ride to utilize state-of-the-art underwater electromagnetic braking system.


Footprint: 420' X 175'

40 deg. sloped ascent; 77.8 deg. sloped descent.


On the evening of 9/21/2001 at a private event at the park, 40-year old Lori Sue Mason-Larez was thrown from Perilous Plunge when the boat she was on began its descent down the steep water chute. She was treated at the scene and rushed to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. The cause of death was multiple blunt force trauma. Investigators report that her extreme body size (58 inch waist) and weight (262 pounds) contributed to her fall from the attraction. Perilous Plunge was designed to safely accomodate riders with an average weight of 175 pounds and with a waist measurement of 50 inches, at most.

After the fatality, CAL-OSHA mandated Knott's Berry Farm to perform modifications to the safety restraints on Perilous Plunge's boats and have the changes inspected and approved before reopening. The modifactions were the installation of four-point safety-harnesses that would strap riders in from over their shoulders and around their waists in addition to the ride's previous lap-bar and waist-belt setup..

In July of 2006, Knott's retired the attraction's original boats and replaced them with brand new boats that utilize a permanent shoulder harness safety restraint system in addition to different headrests and seats.

The ride will close on Labor Day of 2012 to make way for a new attraction.
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