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Thread: Greetings from Astroworld

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    Greetings from Astroworld

    Hey guys! Today was my big trip to Astroworld. When I got into the hotel room, I found this nifty WEB TV thing, so I thought I would say hi! I'm going to the park tomorrow. It sould be fun, I haven't been there in about 10 years. See you later!

    BTW, now I can turn 93 yeas old even when I'm at theme parks! Ahh, sweet insanity!

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    Did you bring a few cans of paint :D? Astroworld sure could use it! No, just kidding, hope you have fun today.
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    Hehe, Astroworld used to be old home park...but I never got on most of the coasters! Stupid me!
    Did you get on Greezed Lightnin', that was my very first loopy coaster...hehe...
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