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Thread: Epcot on Fire

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    I just saw this on the news less than a minute ago! There is a fire right outside of Epcot. You can see the park and the fire on the same screen! It is in the trees behind the Living Seas area.

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    Maybe they will put up a decent roller coaster where the other stuff used to be.

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    Moving to American Parks forum.
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    Disney has said that they will not be closing rides or parks, the fire can be controlled by Disney Fire Department at least the fires on Disney Land.

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    I saw that on the news too. I also heard Orlando has know been getting a lot more rain and will continue to so the wild fires aren't a problem anymore.
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    The fires are all out and there is no there is no threat to any of the parks.

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    I hope Orlando is getting rain. We sure aren't getting any here in Tampa.

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