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    Does anyone know what the tallest coaster in the U.S. is???
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    I am moving this to the American Coaster Forum.

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    Is probably Superman:TE at SFMM or Millennium Force at Cedar Point.
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    tallest: superman: the excape
    <BR>tallest continuious cercuit: millenium force
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    How tall is Superman????
    <BR>Is it taller than MF? I thought MF was tallest at 310 ft. I might be mislead. Someone fill me in.

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    Superman: The Escape @ SFMM: 415 feet (the train gets up about 320 ft.)
    <BR>Millennium Force @ CP: 310 feet

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    please lets not start this "superman's not a coaster" argument again.PLEASE

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    Yeah, no need to start the Superman Debate, especially since it is already in progress here: <!-- BBCode u1 Start --><A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A><!-- BBCode u1 End -->
    <BR>Superman is considered by Guiness to be the tallest coaster at 415 feet (the car actually makes it up to the 375 range). Millenium Force is the tallest full circut at 310 feet.
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    Oh, 375 feet. What's 50 feet between friends.
    <BR>BTW, I'm not trying to start a S:TE debate. Someone wanted to know how tall it was, and I told them. My own views on whether or not it's a coaster are irrelevant.

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