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Thread: Rate This Game!

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    Inverted Poster Greg Johnson's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    Orlando, Florida

    Arrow Rate This Game!

    Give this game a 1-10 rating and explain why you gave the rating you gave.
    Greg Johnson
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    Jr. Poster FreakLogic's Avatar
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    Oct 2001
    Phoenix AZ
    very good, but the game does have its limits, like....

    - the height and space allowed for building is pretty limited

    - there are some track styles, but not 8, so far, ive counted 4 track types, maybe 5 depending on what the hyper is.

    - scenery, i know it would be a frame rate hit, but hey, for the people who have a powerful computer, they can use it to their advantage, and for the people who's comps can't handle it, they just simply ignore it, or use it and take the consequences. also water would be a good feature

    - views- the views are ok, but for a compact coater, it would take a long time to figure out what your looking at in the views that dont screw up your coaster (the 3D view is really hard to handle with accuracy).

    but then again, there are its advantages, like...

    - really fast FPS, i get around 100 with a 16mb card!!

    -editor, love the editor, the *extremely* limitless

    -graphics, WHOA, need i say more?

    and thats all i can think of, i know there are alot of em, but im kinda burnt out on thinking
    Think youve experienced it before? think again. Its Déjà Vu all over again in 2001...
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    Wooden Poster
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    Aug 2001
    Rochester, NY
    Absolutely fantastic...
    "It's not that easy being green"
    -Kermit the Frog
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    Ultra Poster CPFan's Avatar
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    Jun 2001
    I find the editor really hard to use, but of coarse I never get to see what my final products look like because I only have the demo, not the full version.

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    Looping Poster
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    Jul 2001
    East Windsor, NJ
    awesome. 'nough said.

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    Suspended-No Email
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    Nov 2001
    Tampa, FL: Where the animals roar and obviously tame the coaster
    Best ever.

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    This game is off the HHHIZZZZZYYY!!!

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    Best coaster game ever!!!!!

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    Giga Poster RagingBull#1's Avatar
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    Sep 2001
    it looks really realistic, but it is too hard for me
    Top Five 1)TTD 1)Raging Bull 3)Montu 4Deja Vu 5)MF
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    well i will hopefully have the game by the end of the week. Probably sooner.

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    Minetrain Poster
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    Jul 2001
    This game is good. I wish it had more coaster styles, especially wooden. The editor needs to have real time phyisics, i.e. track cant go through track. It needs an auto support feature. Also, in 3d mode for editor it would be very nice to have the simulator textures (minus useless stuff, shadows, sound, and station extras) so 3d mode would be more helpfull to me.
    8 out of 10 for me

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    10/10 for me because the 3d part of the editor is good if you wanna do a basic test of the ride design to see if there are any rough spots or to do a pull threw like action before or after its complete for the same feature. And i dont mind having to do supports since you can do what ever you want with the supports.

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    Minetrain Poster
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    Nov 2001
    Franklin, PA
    Great Simulator, with great graphics, and 80% in depth editing. I agree that the editor is a little tricky, but...if it was easy, all the coasters would look the same...right? I give it an's what I would like to see in an upcoming patch.

    ~Impuse coasters
    ~Shuttle coasters
    ~Suspended coasters

    Track styles I'd like to see would be:


    I'd like to see some accesories like:

    ~Special Lighting inside the Tunnels
    ~Elevator Lifts
    ~Custom Built Stations
    ~Que Lines
    ~Larger Space to work with
    ~Editable Landscapes (hills, vallies)
    ~Able to go Underground/Underwater
    ~Racing Coasters
    ~Different Ground Textures.


    ~Have two or more different coasters in one "setting."

    Other than that....Im happy!! The graphics are AWESOME. I only get about 20-30 fps, and Im thinking about buying a new video card. 'Specially if that guy told the truth about getting 100 fps.

    I'll update you all soon, and tell you if I bought one.
    ~Luke D. Wilcox
    Favorites: Amusement Park: Cedar Point | Wooden Roller Coaster: Mean Streak | Steel Roller Coaster: Millenium Force

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    Mega Poster
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    Aug 2001
    New Jersey
    WHO GAVE IT A 1/10????? Jeeze

    I Gave it a 10/10... do I need to do any more explaining?
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    Minetrain Poster
    Join Date
    Nov 2001
    Really good although i wish you could have uncompleted coasters (shuttles, impulses) and that you could have dual stations, or dual tracks (dueling dragons).
    Shame the graphics are so good too, computer can't handle it, but there are far more advantages than faults!


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    Migrator chilled's Avatar
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    Aug 2001
    Kissimmee, FL
    shuttles would make it better

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    Will he use it for good or.... Ta2KX's Avatar
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    Oct 2001
    Seaside, CA
    yes the game is fantastic, especially if the editor comes easy to the player, (it did for me!) but i only wish that theyd offer more types of coasters, especially a wood coaster. They need a 4D in that game.
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    X has been Purged Marcus's Avatar
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    Jul 2001
    Grand Rapids, MI
    The game is almost perfect. If it could combine the themeing of ultimate ride, it would be beyond any coaster game ever. And dare I say it, but maybe even better than RCT. And the control on the game is great because of every detail can be changed.
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    i like the game but i cant make good coasters yet..i just got it last week but its a cool game and i like

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    Yojimbo TopGun77's Avatar
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    May 2001
    EHEHEH i bet the 1/10 was from Kyle! He works for Sm...the competitor ehehehehe.
    Winter is coming.
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    Onslaught Alex T's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jan 2002
    I give this game a 9. It's an awesome simulator and very realistic. I love it and I strongly recomend getting it if you don't have it. The only reason I gave it a 9 was b/c there was no wooden coaster track and the lack of a couple other designs. This is a great game though.
    "Cedar Point has a wide variety of wooden coasters" - Discovery Channel
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    Wooden Poster FuzzBuster's Avatar
    Join Date
    Nov 2001
    Atlanta, Georgia

    Thumbs up

    I gave it a 10/10. Fantastic coaster sim! And here I thought nothing could match up to RCT. Here are my pros and cons:


    - Editor in the update is sort of buggy. Verticies aren't placed where you intend for them to go sometimes.

    - Could use a little more theming.

    - Could use more coaster choices.

    - Limited build space.

    - Coaster has to be a complete circuit.

    - No landscaping or underground tunneling.

    - No dueling or interconnect coasters.


    - Extremely realistic.

    - Limitless track design.

    - Ride physics pretty accurate.

    - Editor easy to use (once you get the hang of CAD).

    - Ability to create user-defined supports.

    - Manual operation.

    - Good views.

    - Great environments.

    - B&M TRACK!!!! (B&M ROCKS)
    - Why don't they have a stupidity tax? Just tax the stupid people!
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    GAAARRR! coasterguy1's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2001
    I gave it 8/10. I love the game, andI can make some great coasters on it. Im best at hypers, but I've improved on regular loopers. Now I just need to get invert up to par. I dont like not being able to add vertices and nodes in the 3d view. That is annoying. There are some other annyoing things, but it is a great game. If they could add a woodie, flyer, and 4d, I'd be very happy with the game. And Im not gonna make a whole new thread on this, so Im gonna add it into this one. Does anyone know what "Track Info" does? Do ou just type in stuff there, or does it actually have a function? Thanks.
    New address, new forums, better ePirate --

    I love Sidecar on Mainstreet!
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    Minetrain Poster
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    Dec 2001
    Best coaster design game. The editor is definately a challenge which is nice. Although some more editing tools would be nice. If you have an ATI graphics card change it. NoLimits + ATI = not good. I just had an ATI but changed it so I could get the amazingly good framerates that you can get in this game. I have had the game since version 1 and I love the way it just keeps getting better with every update. 1.26 is going to have terrain. I am sure all the other requests out there will eventually be met. You have full control in NoLimits. You can have fantasy coasters or you can build them true to life.
    Everyday would be better if I could take a ride on a rollercoaster.
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    May 2003
    Martinez, GA
    Funkshowkid, Although Im pretty sure that we wont be seeing any suspended or bobsled coasters for a while, you can technically already make shuttles and impulses, its just a matter of layering the track. After you layer the track all you have to do is play with e-stop and the PowerTweaker([it will be there after they finish updating the tools to be compatable with the .2 update.]) to get the segments to lunch in reverse if needed. Tia makes some really amazing tools including the auto-support generator previously known as WoodMagic.

    As for the lighting in the tunnels, you can fake this by creating a 3ds. object with the correct texturing to look like the real thing. I dont know if you've seen Phyter's Flight of Fear recreation but it uses 3ds. dots to fake the lights on the walls, he also did the enclosure and the queue line including thatawesome spaceship.

    Just thought I would mention that, as of my rating, 9 out of as it hasnt finished being developed yet!
    Talk qwerty to me, babby.
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    Minetrain Poster CoAsTeRmAnIaC03's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jun 2003
    Very good game and lots of coasters to DL but it's very difficult to build a accurate coaster with realistic g forces
    Dont just stand there and watch it, RIDE IT!
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    I really like it, but, it's hard for me to design w/it. I use RCT, then tweak it with NL. Also, it needs the ability to add supports in 3D. Otherwise, I can't always add supports where I want.

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    pluses: 3D is excellent, love the realistic sound effects, downside: Editor is awkward

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    Looping Poster incitehawaii's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    Sandusky, Ohio
    10, only because it's the most powerful coaster CAD I've ever used, and quite frankly it's fun! Now only if I could get better at it!!
    it's not rollerblading, it's aggressive inline skating!!
    "music is the vessel to the world of raw emotion" - DSoT
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    Heartline Poster Erik Leppen's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2004
    I love the program - it's my favorite computer program! But although I have some suggestions to improve it even more. Here they are all, and explained.

    Suggestions for improving the NoLimits Editor

    Suggestion E1. An option for copying and pasting supports. For large support
    constructions with much repeating parts, it would be very handy to have a
    copy-paste function for supports. With a copy-paste function for supports,
    constructions are made significantly faster. One can, for example, use this
    function by selecting some nodes and tubes, and put the pasted copy one
    next to it and make it the new selection. Of course, you can not copy tubes
    are not at both ends connected to copied nodes.

    Suggestion E2. Collision detection. The WoodMagic support builder has an
    automatic collision detection function that, while building a construction,
    removes beams that will bounce off a body part of one or more of the riders.
    However, with making steel coasters, it can be difficult to make a large
    construction around lots of tracks, without a single beam being too close to
    It would be very handy to be able to automatically remove support beams that
    dangerously close to the track. It would be even better to just highlight
    because in that case the user can decide him- or herself whether or not to
    remove a particular support beam.

    Suggestion E3. User-defined display colors. I find it very annoying that
    the Flat Wooden Beam and Small Steel Tube are dark red, the Small Wooden
    and Medium Steel Tube are medium red and the Large Wooden Beam, the Large,
    XLarge and XXLarge Tubes are all bright red. I would find it very handy if I
    set the display color of each of the support beams in a window in the
    Editor. I,
    for example, want to display wooden beams in brown (dark, medium and bright
    the three sizes) and want to display steel tubes in, for example, the five
    colors purple, pink, red, orange and yellow for the five sizes. These are
    example colors, I just want to be able to change them. It would also be
    handy to
    change the display colors of nodes, because in 3D view, it is sometimes hard
    see if a particular node is a free node or a track node. I want, for
    example, to
    make the free nodes red and the track nodes orange. You can also allow
    user-defined colors for track types.

    Suggestion E4. Color code the segments after a simulation. To view the
    safety of
    a rollercoaster, I have to take a look at the G-Forces in the Simulator. And
    can't look at three numbers simulaneously. I want to be able to see the
    dangerous segments in the Editor, so that I can change them there directly.
    is maybe an option to do the following: After simulation of the entire track
    the Editor, unlock a button at some toolbar which enables or disables
    Color Coding. Then, in Segment Color Coding Mode, make a segment green if
    G-forces were safe (displayed green in the Simulator), make it yellow while
    G-force was yellow in the Simulation, but none were red. If a dangerous
    G-Force occurs, make the segment red. With this option, the user can
    see the dangerous points in a roller coaster.

    Suggestion E5. New Statictics entry: Speed Graph and G-Force Graphs. After a
    simulation in the Editor, it may be made possible to show a Speed Graph,
    Vertical G-Force Graph, Lateral G-Force Graph and an Accelerational G-Force
    Graph. THese can come in handy while designing and improving a roller

    Suggestion E6. I do not run the Editor at a very fast computer. If I
    the window, I can use the editor at about 1 frame per second. If more track
    supports are displayed, one frame takes more then two seconds. In wooden
    coasters, this is even worse. I suppose it is possible to use hardware
    acceleration in the Editor, just like the Simulator uses this.

    Suggestion E7. Place Nodes in 3D View. If I, for example, want to place a
    of nodes in a straight line, that is not parallel to one of the axes (X, Y
    Z), it is only done by an endless moving and replacing in all views. It
    would be
    handy to just place the camera in the 3D View in the right direction and
    just click some nodes in my roller coaster. Then, all nodes will be placed
    one plane, perpendicular to the camera axis. At least, I suppose this is
    automatically the case, because if I move a node or Vertex in 3D View, it
    over this plane.

    Suggestion E8. Improve WoodMagic for inversions. If I use a looping in a
    coaster, I have to manually support it by steel tubes. I want to be able to
    support a looping with the same construction as in the rest of the track.

    Suggestions for improving the NoLimits Simulator

    Suggestion S1. People. The NoLimits Simulator is a very realistic simulator,
    I still find it a bit 'lifeless' because there are no riders in the
    coasters. It
    is still in 'test phase'. If people actually sit in the trains, it will look
    even more realistic. If you want to make it as realistic as possible, you
    by example let a rider scream when some G-force reaches above a certain
    that is particular for that rider. Also it should be very good if the riders
    from different sexes and ages (men, women and children randomly spread over
    cars). I don't know if this is a reasonable suggestion or just one
    impossible to
    realize, but I just call it, and leave the decision to do or not do
    with it to you. I realize that it is very difficult to simulate people
    getting in and out the trains, but if they just sit there, it would already
    superb. Of course, some of them have ther hands up and those hands and the
    riders' heads must go where the G-forces point to (if this is possible to

    Suggestion S2. Disable seat, car and train changing while on ride. Just a
    funny detail which makes it impossible to leave the current seat while the
    restraint is closed. In the real world, you can't get out either! Then,
    a train or changing seat is only possible if the train is in the station. Of
    coarse, you cannot enter a train with the restraints closed.

    Suggestion S3. Weather effects. Whenever a coaster simulation starts, let
    program choose random weather. For example, a sunny day with more or fewer
    clouds, rain or snow.

    Suggestion S4. Show speed every frame. The speed is now displayed about
    half second, but the G-forces are displayed every frame. In the Demo Version
    1.25, speed was displayed each frame (G-forces weren't displayed at all). I
    this feature back.

    General suggestions to improve NoLimits

    Suggestion G1. New Coaster Type: Junior Coaster. If I want to make a 'kiddy
    ride' (coaster for small children), I can only use the Looping Coaster type.
    'junior coaster' type will then be more realistic. I have in mind something
    the Road Runner Express in Six Flags Holland in the Netherlands. Take a look
    at and then search for Road Runner Express.

    Suggestion G2. New Coaster Type: Wild Mose Roller Coaster. If I want to make
    Wild Mose Roller Coaster, I can only use the Looping Coaster type. A 'wild
    mouse' type will then be more realistic. I have in mind something like the
    Flying Dutchman Gold Mine in Six Flags Holland in the Netherlands. Take a
    at and then search for Flying Dutchman.

    Suggestion G3. New Coaster Type: Multi Dimension Roller Coaster. This is a
    wonderful coaster type. There is just one coaster of this type on the
    that is X in Six Flags Magic Mountain in the USA. Take a look at
    and then search for X. In this coaster type, the seats hang at the right and
    left side of the train and can rotate around an horizontal axis. This is
    done by
    guide rails at the outside of the track of X. I think that the seat rotation
    be realized the same way as the roll or 'banking' now is: a value at each
    and a continuous curve calculated through these values. Also, this type of
    roller coaster requires a wider Inverted Support. Of coarse, this can be
    out of user-defined supports.

    Suggestion G4. New Coaster Type: Bobsled Coaster. Take for example the
    in the Efteling, a park in the Netherlands.

    Suggestion G5. More Scene Objects. Add more scene objects to the next
    release of
    NoLimits, such as concrete footers, station buildings, other buildings or
    trees and plants, fences, footpaths, benches and other objects. I have a
    of objects that are made by my brother.

    Suggestion G6. Onride Photo. Just a camera placed somewhere in the roller
    coaster of which the flasher flashes whenever a train car comes over a
    trigger. This trigger can be placed like Track Nodes are. And to improve it
    more, you can for example save the photo of the front car as a screenshot.

    Suggestion G7. Cost calculation based on amount of steel or wood, train cost, cost of special track types (Lift, Transport), tunnel coast, tree cost and optional: ground cost.

    Suggestion G8. Calculation of excitement, nausea and intensity rating much like Roller Coaster Tycoon does this

    Suggestion G9. Make it able to place support planes instead of tubes only. Planes could be triangular and determined by three Nodes, just like Tubes are determined by two Nodes. An indoor coaster (or just a Coaster-In-A-Box) would be a lot less work!

    Of course, if I call so many suggestions, I have also to say what is already perfect about the program. Actually everything, and that does not require further explanation.

    I give the program an 8, but it would be a well-deserved 10 if all features above were in it.

    Erik Leppen

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