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Thread: Song for bin-laden

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    Song for bin-laden

    Hope this hasn't been discussed before, I've been away for a while... anyway, what song do you think would be suitable for the turban clad sucker we all love to hate?

    I rekon this Metallica tune, "for whom the bell tolls", has a pretty applicable verse :

    Take a look to the sky just before you die
    It is the last time he will
    Blackened roar massive roar fills the crumbling sky
    Shattered goal fills his soul with a ruthless cry

    Anyone got any more?
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    I think "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC would be pretty appropriate for that @#$#$%$^%^.
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    good song . . . i think that songs that cud fit Osama are Bad Habit by Offspring, Giving In by Adema, and maybe Falling Away from Me by KoRn
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    who can take some towels and wrap them around their heads? the taliban can the taliban can. lol (sorry i dont mean this to be offensive its just something that was on howard stern)

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    Well, my radio station made one about the person getting back at her boyfriend (by "Hitting him up with style) into "We're gonna blow him up with style" and other things just dissing Bin Laden, and "On the way we got Saddam Hussein for..." (also apart of that song). Anyways, I think its really funny.
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    Yes, that is agood song but I dont tink it fits a Mettallica toone.

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    That Goodbye song they play at all sporting events. Highway to Hell and Hit the Road Jack.

    By the way, just ran across this pic on an adult site. However this shows what Osama may be dreading, that is if someone drives him around...enjoy
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