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Thread: Stand-ups and the Alpengeist Scenario

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    This post is really about 2 different things. First off, what does everybody think about stand-up coasters. They kind of seem like a dying breed. I mean since Riddlers Revenge, how many have been made. I love Riddlers but why have stand-ups never gained tremoundous amounts of popularity. Also, when is a park gonna build an inverted coaster to dethrone Alpengeist as the tallest and fastest in the world???? I'm suprised there isn't a hyperinverted coaster these days.

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    I remember hearing about a 200-foot custom SLC going up in the UK for next year.

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    I hope SFGADV gets a stand-up so Stand-Ups don't die! Too bad cedar Point already has an inverted because they would defiantly beat the hight probably make it Hyper.

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    yeah, the first hyper SLC, and inverted coaster is coming to europe, i can't remeber where thoguh!it will have six inversions, and that's all i know...sounds intense, non?
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    The tallet Inverted coaster is the Vekoma Super Boomerang. It is 196 feet tall. Alpengeist is 195.

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    They should stop worrying about making it have more inversions and focus on "flying time." I would love to have graceful floating hills on an inverted than loops. It would be cool if it had minimal restraints as well.
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