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Thread: Tigris Gardens

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    Tigris Gardens

    This is a park that I recently made called Tigris Gardens. This is a working prototype, and is by no means the finished versions. Constructive critisism will be helpful, I'm thinking of submitting it for the Premier Parks contest.
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    Looks like a good park. You were able to add a lot of coasters and rides without getting it to look too crowded. But you do need to add some more theming, especially buildings. Needs improvement in that, and I got several messages saying that Guest 16592 is lost and cant find the park exit. That is unavoidable, but still annoying. Overall, I think this will place well in Premier Park voting if you add a little more theming.
    EDIT: One other problem I noticed is a music problem. Nearly every ride has music, and that creates a bad sound.
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    This is a great theme park. Like tediz said, lots of coasters without the crowding. I first saw the park, and saw my name spelled out in Space objects so I was a little confused. Then I realized that it was some kind of Star Wars thing. The theming is great! Just don't leave bare spots.
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    It was actually a decent park, but has major problems. It is rather cluttered, and the theming clashes are horrible. Very little adaptive theming was used, and some rides just didn't seem like much effort was put into them.
    Your park did have many birght spots, however. The Castle and Pyramid section stood out, and you were able to use trees to seperate things. The coasters were also better than many parks that I have seen, though some could use some work. I give this park a 5.5/10

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    im with kraken and evil teddies....the music isnt good and i dont really think u put that much effot into the S&T..most of the stations are plain and it looks like u just threw scenery objects all over....i think u need to take your time and use some trainers to make some nice illusions on your illusion...anyways i also give it a 5.5/10...

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    9.9999999/10 good job.
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