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Thread: What happens when we find out Bin Laden is dead?

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    What happens when we find out Bin Laden is dead?

    What will we do when we find out Bin Laden is dead? Will we celebrate or say, "Thank God" and go on? I know Miami has a plan in place for when Fidel Castro dies and all the Cuban-Americans go to the baseball stadium and celebrate. Do any communities have plans like that for when Bin Laden dies or if we find him dead in a cave?
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    Party bigger than V-E day in NYC
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    We will Party like its 1999 again!!!!
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    I dont think anything will really happen other than bring relief to some people
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    We pack up our army, go home, and leave the primitive Afganistanis to resume their tribal conflicts - ending in famine and death, so that Americans must return to offer humanitarian help. We then get criticized and called the great Satan again and terrorists start planning on attacks in America.
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    Too bad some Americans think it will be over (or Al Qaeda will crumple) when Bin Laden is dead. But he's not the only one in that business, nor his organizations.

    Just one example, the Abu Sayyaf in Phillipines (remember the one that behead several American tourists last year). Though it's loosely connected to Al Qaeda, it can still manage to cause serious problems even after Al Qaeda is gone.

    Also, there are several groups in Middle East not affiliated with Bin Laden (and some may be his arichrivals) still exists. Some had got away with things they had done in 80's and nothing is done to them, and they had disappeared from the front page since Bin Laden become the 'star' in news.

    I am not discouraging the effort, but please be reminded that terrorism is not a new problem. It had existed before 9-11, and will still exist. You can not totally get rid of them (as if you can not get ride of crime in society), and you can only keep your loss as low as possible.
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