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Thread: I Want A Redo, Do You?

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    I Want A Redo, Do You?

    So tonight, while watching the Olympics, I saw Apolo Anton Ohno fall right before he was about to win a gold medal, the first American to ever win a gold medal in the 500 meter speedskate. Like everyone else, I was mad! I thought they should of redone it, because it wasn't a race at all, the Australian only won because of default. Well anyways, I guess Apolo got a serious cut somewhere on his body, and although he got a silver in this race, he had 3 more to do before the Olympics are over...and he prolly would have gotten gold in most of those. But now no one knows if he can even compete.

    Also, did u see the race before that, where everyone fell? Like the reining gold medalist had fallen? Yeah...i guess theres just some bad ice....I tell ya...

    So do you think they should have redone the race, or done it just the way they did, Given Australia 1st?
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    I think they did it right.
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    It should stay just like that...the speed skating is always unpredictable because at any moment anyone could fall. That would be like saying nascar should redo a race everytime there's a car crash

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    even though im a true patriot they still shouldnt redo the race

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    There's no reason to redo the race. Unfortunately that's the way it is in life.

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    they should redo it the little punk pulled him down i would have jacked him in the face.and the only reason that the guy that won the gold got into the final race is b/c other people fell, so here is the sport for you, you get rewarded for being a slaker.
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    If they did a redo, what if Appolo Anton, doesn't even win a metal, I think that a silver is better then nothing.

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    honestly i think they did it right.
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    Yah mmmmmmmmmka
    This was totally a joke. Anton clearly had the win, and then some guy takes a dive. And so the guy who should of been ranked 16th overall gets the gold and Anton gets the silver. It seems they took figure skating more seriously over speed skating.
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    No way. No redo. That's the sport, chief. There is always the risk of falling or being tripped up. How great was it to see the loser Australian cross the line for gold. Even he was howling . . .
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    No redo, but i think the guy that tripped Ohno was racing really cheap.
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    Loser Australian? No body who is able to qualify for the Olympic Games, let alone 4 times can really be called a loser.

    He might not have one in the truest way, but he won. Some say it was his strategy, I don't know about that, but luck was on his side that day. It is certainly wrong to say he didn't deserve it.

    Something gives me the impression that if an American was in Steven Bradbury's position in the race, and the same thing happened, not a single soul would be complaining.

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    I smell a Consipiracy.

    I think they actually did the right thing but i feel sorry for Apollo Ohno, because he worked hard to get to the Olympics and to have it all shattered because of some punk who wanted to take them down so he could win. He got the cut on his Knee and it required Stiches.

    And Richard, SomeONE, someWHERE WOULD complain that it was unfair and they should redo it.
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    i wouldn't feel sorry for ohno. clearly he didn't mind the call when he got the silver, in effect saying, "Hey, its the nature of the sport." sides, after winning the gold last night on a DQ, i'd say that any 'injustice' that might have been done has been righted, anyway.
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    dont really care
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    I think they did it right
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