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Thread: improvements to parks

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    improvements to parks

    If you had to improve something on your home park, what would it be? It can be anything from building a new coaster or two to adding new rides to improving theming to improving the food...anything.
    I kinda live in an area where I do not have a "home park" par se, but i live within easy driving distance of four parks. For PKD, I would add one coaster (a hyper or giga coaster) or prehaps a second (A B&M floorless, maybe?). I would also improve the food throughout the park and maybe add a freefall ride.
    For P/Carowinds, I would add a couple large coasters. Top Gun:TJC is the only star attraction, and it can get really crowded. I would probably add a hypercoaster plus a launched coaster from S&S or Premier Rides.
    For SFA, I would improve the theming and scenery, plus add a B&M....a standup or floorless would be really cool. I would also install the Lo-Q system and lower the prices a little bit.
    For BGW, the park is already awesome, I would add a CCI woodie and a B&M floorless or flying coaster, plus several flat rides and maybe a freefall tower......non-coaster thrillrides and a woodie are the only things the park is really lacking.
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    I would improve the theming at my home park, SFWOA, because the park only has it in about 2 or 3 spots in the park and then that is not very good theming.
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    You can see my answer and the rest of the existing 5 page thread here: [URL=][/URL]

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    simply jsut add mroe coasters

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    At SFOT, I would improve theming and add about 20 more coasters so that SFOT took the title for most coasters and would keep it for a long time .

    But seriosly I would improve theming, rides, and add more rides.

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    This is a repeated topic, and thanks for the link, Chiller1472! Let's all please continue the conversation over there, so that all these great ideas are in the same place.
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