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Thread: BGW Help Needed!

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    BGW Help Needed!

    I'm going to be in VA during the week of July 15 - 22 2002, and I am planning to go to BGW with my family and friends one of those days. Do any of you BG regulars know of any coaster closing or important things I should look out for (such as concerts, or events which bring in big crowds). I've been to BGW many times before and never had any problems, but I was just making sure.

    Sry i had to change the date at the last minute.
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    I am also going to BGW and I am leaving tomorrow so any help will be appreciated. BTW, I am gonna be at the park on Saturday so I want to know what the crowds will be like.

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    Holy Crud On A Stick!!!!!

    My family is arriving on the 24th of July!!!! Maybe I'll see you there THECHILLER!!! I also need ton know some stuff about the park. Excuse my grammer and and spelling and stuff like that b/c i'm tired.

    1. Are loch ness monster or Big bad wolf a headbanger?

    2. Is there any educational crap that non-coaster riders would enjoy (my sister needs this )

    3. Are there any rides a non-coaster rider would enjoy?

    4. Does Wild Maus or whatever its called have airtime?


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    1. No, not in the least bit.
    2. Yes, small animal area and probably a beer school(if that's considered educational).
    3. Yes, so flat rides, water rides(Escape From Pompeii, Roman Rapids, flume), simulator, train, skyway, etc.
    4. I didn't ride it
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    Moving to Travel Tips, USA East...

    Unfortunately I haven't been to Busch in Williamsburg, though I hear it's even better than the park in Tampa, which I enjoy very much. Have a good trip!
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    Wild Maus is just a standard wild mouse coaster. It has a little airtime or the drops, but not much. It also has a lot of brakes. The brakes at the end stop you completely. BGW is a great park overall though. Alpengeist and Apollo's Chariot are my 2 favorite steel coasters. Great theming on everything in the park.

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    Ride Alpie 1st or very late. Wild Maus has huge lines as with BBW, LNM ride whenever because their is no wait once the rest of the park is open.

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