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Thread: sfne saturday crowds compared to sfa saturday crowds

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    sfne saturday crowds compared to sfa saturday crowds

    here is the deal i get to go to one or the other this weekend. I can only go saturday. I really want to ride sros at SFNE RIGHT NOW but i do nto want to wait that much and it is only running one train. How long will i have to wait for each ride and should i change my plans and go to SFA instead? i have been to SFA two years ago but only got to ride half the rides once.
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    I went to SFNE last week and the wait was 2 hours plus.. and it was a Wednesday.. so I dunno if the wait will be any better.. but if you get there early enough you should be fine..

    Also, if you can, ride SROS in the front seat.. it is awesome!!! I've been on many times.. :) :)

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    Going on a weekend day you will be lucky to get on SROS once and the wait would be a 3hrs. Going to SFNE on weekends is horrible if you can avoid it, do so. If not look for 2+ wait for all rides.
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