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Thread: CoasterGen!

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    Thumbs up CoasterGen!

    I've been somewhat following the progress of this game and what I just saw today at their site completly BLEW MY MIND!! Click on their site at They have B&M flying coasters, Intamin hyper/giga coasters w/ all three track styles, TA2K style track/trains, WOODEN COASTER w/ CCI Millennium Flyer trains and even Arrow/Vekoma Suspended coasters!

    They even have the ability to have people ride your rides, have a working transfer track, build various flatrides (ex: S&S Tower) have shops and stalls and have a money basis. Kind of a mix between NoLimits and RCT.

    It also has Vekoma GIB track type, B&M dive machine and a 4D. Will also be able to create own environment, such as lakes and trees and can have multiple coasters per park!

    This may be better than No Limits, Hyper Rails and RCT 2 put together!
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    yeah, i have seen this site b4 oo, it sounds and looks awesome, i dont know y but everyone at scream machines says it wont be good, go figure
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    Sorry, but this is a repeat topic of this thread. Please continue discussion there. In the future, please use the SEARCH function. I have to lock this now.
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