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Thread: Segas Joypalace

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    Segas Joypalace

    I bet many of you have never heard of this coaster:

    Speed Boarder, its laocated at Segas Joypalace in Tokyo Japan.

    Joypalace is an extremely fancy arcade, and i was very happy to seer this very unique coaster sitting there.

    this is the only Sideways coaster I know of. The riders sit on a skateboard type thing, and face out twords the Que, then the train moves side ways like your skate boarding, the cool thing is when you fly around the curves, most of which arent Banked, the seats rock forward and backwords, the seats also have the ability to spin in 360 degress, now theres not alot of spinning in the ride and its not very tall, I think its a great idea and it proved to be alot of fun.

    Does any else know if there are any other sideways coasers out there????

    I took a few pics of it, and will have them up hopefully soon.

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    I checked RCDB, it has it listed but it has no pics or stats for it though. Was this a fun ride or more of a novelty? Do you think we could ever see something like this come to the U.S.?
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    Who makes that ride?
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    Is it safe, and r u strapped in. If u arent i dont think the drop will be to big. It should be pretty cool. Coasterchild where do u live if u saw this in Japan?
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    Yes you are strapped in, they are over the shoulder but soft and padded, the ride OP pulls them out the they kinda tighten back like a car seatbelt does. Then there is a bar thing that your feet slid under a bit.

    Yes its Safe, It works just fine, its definetly small and more of a Fun Novelty I think. As for who made It I have no Idea. It was definetly Fun though. i doubt we will see any of them in america any time soon, tahts for sure. And I doubt that they could be made on a large scale model, its more like a wild mouse type of ride, that has a little bit more fun to it.

    The drop really isnt that big, the First lift hill is maybe 25 or 30 ft, the first drop maybe 15 or 20. The first half is more of speed and tossing you around, after that you go to a second half in the Dark with all these neon lights, and then the 2nd lift hill is about the same height. And teh second half is more like Helixs and lots of Turns.

    I would like to see another built some tiem, and with a little longer and heigher layout, but I dont see it happening, from the looks of the trains Id say its a few years old.

    It was definetly Popular with people though, maybe some of the american parks just dont know it exsists, I mean I could see this type of ride definetly being used like something the Scooby Do ride in Australia does, a fun house/coaster.

    And Finnally I live In southern Tokyo near Shinagawa, Joy palace is Located at Odaiba, the teen dating spot. In Easter tokyo.

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