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Thread: sfmw getting texas tornado!

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    sfmw getting texas tornado!

    hey guys
    well i havent been up here for a while and although u probaly have already touched up on this i missed it...
    anyway i know they are getting the texas tornado (awsome)
    i was up there last weekend and saw track. what i was wondering is if anyone knows where it is going in the park and if they are going to theme it in with the jungle atmosphere. or just leave it the ugly a$$ paint scheme it has now
    thanks alot

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    Wow...I didn't know that. I wonder if it'll be named something along the lines of Zonga. Maybe they'll paint it blue and orange and red and yellow and maybe the logo will look somethikng like this:

    Naw...I doubt that would ever happen, despite the fact that Six Flags' site says it.

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    We know. Click here for the original discussion. Next time, use Search. It's a fun feature and your threads won't get locked.
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