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Thread: need help bad

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    Well does it work after you let the system cool down?
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    Question need help bad

    My GC is screwed up!! i left it on pause for a REALLY long time and now every time i try to use it an error message comes up sayin an error has occured. Has nayone ver had this problem and knows how to fix it? i dont wanna call nintendo or take it to a store either

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    It could have overheated, it doesn't sound likely. But turn it off for a few hours then come back and try it again.
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    sell it and buy a new one. how is the people going to know it doesnet work.

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    haha.....YES!!!! ill trick someone into buying it!!!

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    well most people buying want to see it working. consoles are sealed so theres nothing for it except get it repaired if it dosn't work after a while.

    Overheating is possible if you left it in an enclosed area, but it shouldn't make too much heat just sitting on pause.

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    yeah....i think it overheated because, coincidentally, my friends having the exact same problem and hesays he always leaves it on pause for a long time...

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