Hey all-

This is Preston, a.k.a. Valpengeist. I live in a 11,000-population town in East Texas, but we're not just a bunch of hicks! (well, not most of us)

It's a town of social classes... the high-society, the low-class, racial gangs, hicks, brainies... etc. Very different town, but overall a loving community and a great place to raise kids.

About me... I am a Christian. I believe in God... I live for Him, and I hope you do too! If you don't, PLEASE consider attending a local church or asking someone... it's the most important decision you could ever make!

Other than that, I'm currently a freshman at Henderson High School, where I am ranked first in my class of only 307. I play football, act in UIL One-Act Play, and I'm good at choir, but we have a very bad director...

I live with my parents and my two brothers, ages 17 and 13. (I'm in the middle at 15). My dad is a contractor, and my mom is going to college trying to earn a theater degree.

Well, thought I'd share ME with YOU (okay, that was corny...)