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Thread: This is me.

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    This is me.

    hi! Name's lectricShark. I got that name from this:
    shark + electric eel = LectricShark! (i got the idea from Steel Eel at SWSA....) and i like roller coasters alot. My home park is SFAW. and I have been to KBF, DL, Legoland, SFAW, SWSA, and SFFT. MY favorite woodie(s) is Texas Cyclone and GhostRider! GhostRider was my first "real" coaster. I've been here since, TN's layout was the black-grey one. That one was cool. So is this one! I used to be obsessed with the message board games threads. i think i still am. lol. I like to post and kill the thread. (no one posts after me!!! ) Why is this? oh well. I come and go. I would come here and post a whole ton. Go away and do somehting else for weeks, then come back and post a lot again. I think i will always be a woodie poster. Well there is alot more about me. visit my site. for more about me. So long!


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    ahahaahhh i have posted after you!!!

    nice to meet you!
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    Darn it Lance, you beat me to it.

    Nice to have ya Lectric

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