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    TN Hosting

    How do i log into my free hosting thingy to edit my page so i could add stuff?

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    You use a FTP program such as CuteFTP or even I.E. can do it, and to login you use the following...

    FTP Host :
    Username :
    Password : Whatever you set it to when you signed up
    Port : 21

    If you need anymore Help just let us know!
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    i did and it said only if i wanted to change my profile.huh?

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    You need to get a program like CuteFTP ( or WS_FTP LE. That's when you use that program. Using them programs are pretty straightforward. Just remember. HTML, PHP, Text, or other text only files should be uploaded or downloaded with ASCII mode. Everything else (graphics, RCT tracks, ZIP files, etc.) should use Binary mode.
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