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Thread: Sfkk 5/29

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    Sfkk 5/29

    Many months I waited for Stark Raven Mad and now it was finally here. But Holiday World wasn't opened to the enthuiasts until 6ish, so it was decided to hit SFKK first as a warm up and also to get my 2003 SF season pass. And if anyone was looking, i wore a backwards red hat, black shirt, red shorts.
    As you enter the parking lot you notice you drive right through the middle of the park, which is a good view, but a pain to deal with in the park. I previously bought my season pass voucher at a near by Kroger so I only had to step right up and get my picture taken, which came out looking very evil as intended due to the black and white color. Any crap, we went on to the coasters...

    Chang's line wasn't too bad, but they only ran one train. I rode back row and expected the ride to be as rough as Mantis. But to my suprize it was as smooth as glass. The drop gave off some insane airtime, dive loop was intense, and the corkscrew were so smooth, it may very well be my favorite ones. 8/10

    Moving on I hit Twisted Sister on both sides. The drops had some airtime and they were rough, but not even close to Villian. The ride would be better if they dueled more than just twice, maybe going in the same direction. 5/10

    Thunder Run was a coaster I had never heard of. But I soon learned it's name after one trip in the front seat. The crazy turn at the bottom and the ejector air-time left you saying "And this is a.....Di..Di.. Dinn?" On a weird side note, this is by far, the smoothest wood coaster I've been on, it's almost too smooth. Out performing, Beast, SOB, Gwazi, GASM, Blue and Mean Streak, and just about every other wood coaster, boosted it up to my #2 wood, only second to my homepark, STimbers. 9/10

    I decide to pain my soothing by taking a ride on the blood rail painted-T2. In line I thought I saw some wrestlers, but I don't follow wrestling so I don't know. This coaster is well........can only be described as a coaster that feels like it has trims on every part of the ride, but it doesn't. The coaster often stalls in the most unlikely places, ie the bottom of the drop, sending you forward into your restraints and slammed on your backside over and over again. 1/10

    Hey I give every coaster a chance and Roller Skater was there so. Not as thrilling as Woodstock, but it had it's kicks and sharp turns in it. 7/10

    Road Runner Express looked interesting, and I always enjoy a good wild mouse. Now if only this coaster was a good wild mouse. So I get in the car and go up the lift hill and you look at the top and it looks as though the turns will be intense. But by intense, you don't expect your jaw to shift from side to side grinding your teeth, nor your legs to be jacked against the steel lapbar from the lateral forces, nor your neck to snap and crack, nor your nose to bleed, nor your faith in God be weakened, but the coaster does them all and then some. Even Mean Streak doesn't punish you this much. 1/10

    Greezed Lightning was down for most of the early hours, but after testing it eventually opened. I took the back for some extra height on the back portion. But the launch felt as though you were just pulling out the station compared to TTD. The loop is intense and a little airtime going vertical, but the sweet spot is going down in the loop when going backwards. Overall a very nice coaster and my first shuttle loop. It is so much more intense than S:UF, I feel sorry for SFOG trading it for a clone but ohh well. 8/10

    SFKK- 7/10 for being the first SF park to succeed in having all coasters operating at one point in the day when I attend.

    As time went on, ERT for SRM approached and I left SFKK in content as it was a good warm-up, but could not even come close to preparing me for what lay ahead.

    To be continued...
    SRM and Blue Flash....
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    Haha...always entertaining TRs man, I loved the wildmouse description. And your right, what the heck is Thunder Run? Details?
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    Thunder Run is never mentioned that much probably because it is at a park that never is talked about much, and it kind of runs in the shadow of Raven and Legend which are only 80 miles away. Being a Dinn coaster, one would expect this thing to be torture. But this thing is sweet, far more exciting than the 150 ft b&m stand up a short walk away. Take a look at the height of the first hill, now look at the second. Enough said.
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