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Thread: STE not a coaster?

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    STE not a coaster? this is not ment to start fights but i was just reading somethings and found it odd that STE is not called a coaster by SF its called a thrillride [url][/url] notthing on that says coaster...and in alot of tv shows they seem to call it a thrillride..... so why did they not call it a coaster?

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    because it's a huge debate and they don't want people griping... so they just call it a thrill ride. After all it's definently thrilling and it IS a ride.
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    The icon certainly does match.

    *whump* goes the dead horse.

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    If I see another 'IS STE A COASTER OR NOT' my eyes will begin to bleed. Before this turns into a thread of ritualistic verbal abuse and dung-slinging, I am going to fold it up neatly and put it away i.e. close it.

    Sorry and all...but..hmm..well actually I'm not sorry.....

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