This isn't a real trip report. So i'll just get to my story i have for you guys.
<BR>Funny Story #1
<BR>So me and my friend get off Rip Roaring Rapids. And a few security guards walk past us and we hear on their walkie talkies "we need some personal here on Whitewater Falls" So we walk to Drop Zone where we are gonna meet our friends. Then one of them runs up to me and screams "Jimmy and Ben stood up on Whitewater Falls and are getting arrested!" So I jam out of there and run over there. These two are some of my best friends. I have to get pics of them getting arrested! Well I get there and hang out for around 45 minutes and then the park manager walks past us so we asked him what happened. They got attitiudes with the security and got banned from the park for the season. Hilarious!<BR><BR><font size=-1>[ This Message was edited by: Andy Rathe on 2001-06-16 16:37 ]</font>