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Thread: For the CP veterans: What is your favorite place to work?

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    For the CP veterans: What is your favorite place to work?

    Just wondering for all you CP veterans out there, what is your favorite ride/shop/stand to work if you have worked more than one? Which did you like the least?

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    Favorite to work would have to be a tie between Gemini Games and most of the rides I've worked. I love working Paddlewheel though, cause I love the jokes and telling them. Nothing is better then hearing groans to the worst jokes ever told!

    As for least favorite, that would be the game area where maXair is now, and the Hamptons (Kiddie rides found in kiddie kingdom and two in Gemini Children's Area) and it's not because of the buzzing (which I can tolerate for a while) it's the monotony of it, watching the kids go in the same small circle over and over and over and over and over and over, etc.
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    Well I've gottin the privledge to work just about everywhere in merchandise. To pick a favorite though is a tough one. Out of just the Ride photo booths (my area, so obviously I know them best) they all have their pros and cons. I use to think that camp snoopy photo would be the worst as the screamin children and such, but it turned out to be one of my favorites. The buisness is very steady and you get one of the best views in the park. Cept for that annoying captain hector that drives by every now and then .

    To name a favorite though, I think I got to go with Magnum Photo. There is always something to do at magnum.

    I would try and name some least favorites but I'm too much of an optimist. There's something about everywhere I've worked that I liked.
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    Had to be Surrey Refreshments. This was my home during the 1999 season, some of the 2000 season, and part of the 2001 season. I had so much fun there with the crew that I had the first year. He has been a lifelong friend and even though it was one of the smallest food stands*, it was one of the best.

    (* Located by Midway Scale & Cedar Downs).

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