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Thread: the Mountain or the Point?

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    Which is better, SFMM or CP?

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    Having been to both I can most definitely say Cedar Point. If nothing else but the fact that they're the king of capacity.
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    I don't know, only been to SFMM. Please, people, if you're going to post, go to both of them.

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    Sending this one on over to parks.

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    Cedar Point is much better. If for no other reason, the atmosphere is better. Also, Magnum and Millenium at the same can you beat that? Both parks need more wood though.

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    SFMM has a better mix of variety than CP IMO, but the safety stuff ruins the rides sometimes, and neither really has "theming."
    <BR>I say SFMM cuz it's my home park. <IMG SRC="/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif">
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    Ceder point.

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    Uhhh... Cedar Point! No brainer! <IMG SRC="/phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif">

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    Ive only been to CP but Im sure it blows SFMM out of the water even if they have 15 coasters. CP's are better.

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    well, its kinda hard for me too say because i was to CP before they had MF, while i was at SFMM last year. it looks like as far as coasters go their tied, but i have to give it to SFMM has "scaryier" rides and the attempted theming.
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    raging bull!
    <BR>"I ve only been to CP but Im sure it blows SFMM out of the water even if they have 15 coasters. CP's are better."
    <BR>Have to give you an award for the smartest response EVER! My apologies in case you are 12 years old!

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    well i've been to both and I say SFMM

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    I dont know what the hell u guys are talking about but SFMM is truly the better one. MOre intense rides, and good theming.

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    SFMM is dirtier, and the management seems to be more willing to pour dumptrucks of money into rides rather than general park improvements. CP has a better collection of quality rides, ones that fit almost everyone's tastes. They tend to use proven technologies and as a result tend to get a quality product, but applause should go out to SFMM for putting their cajones on the line and trying new concepts, new companies, and new ideas. Maybe SFMM is the minor league for Cedar Point....
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    Haven't been to SFMM so I can't comment on that, but Cedar Point is............ OVERRATED,OVERRATED,OVERRATED,OVERRATED. Don't get me wrong I loved Millenium Force,Raptor, and Gemini. Mantis was okay,but killed by trims and its hard to enjoy air time on magnum when your being thrown from either side of the car. How come some people are blinded to see that magnum is getting very rough. I also hate to wait in 2 hour lines with nothing but hot sun, blacktop, and the guy smoking in front of me for entertainment. I would rather take a trip to the ISLANDS BABY!!!!!!
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    <!-- BBCode Start --><B>SFMM ROCKS!!</B><!-- BBCode End -->
    <BR>Best park out there...I dont care what all of you CP fans...I say SFMM!!
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    Of the three parks I've been to (Cedar Point, SFGA and Jazzland), Cedar Point is the best. Hopefully, I get to go to SFMM to have a fair perspective. From what I see of their park, it appears to be awesome and I have to applaud their different types of rides. So many types to be found their. So I'll say this, their the definitely the 2 best parks in the world.
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    i wonder why you americans call you r self fans of theme parks, and say the 'rivals' are rubbish, it seems silly to me(though, in scotland we have two themeparks, and they are both utter poo)but i don't call my self an alton fan or a Pleasure Beach fan, i think they are both good in they're own way(...then someone comes and shots me for being to happy:i'd have to say Cedar Point, it is the only park i know to have to 200ft+ coasters, and that is stunning in my books!)
    *If anyone is offended by this post, then it your fault for not agreeing with me*
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    I've been to both CP and SFMM... CP the year they added Power Tower, SFMM this past Jan. While both are great parks, I have to give the nod to CP. SFMM had some great coasters, but the rest of the park felt very neglected. For instance, the people mover up to Ninja and Superman... wouldn't hurt to paint that area.
    <BR>CP coasters also run better. While I realize that I was there in the offseason, having 3 coasters down on a day at SF was just bad.
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    shut up flix. theres 200 ft. rides everywhere. well, atleast overhere in the U.S.A. only two parks, what kind of country is that. then u obviously dont know anything about rollercoasters. i would make a list of rides that go 200 ft. high but it would take hours. but Superman over in Magic Mountain a 400 ft., 100 m.p.h xtreme machine.

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    <BR>I've been to both parks more than once and every time I am struck with how the parks feel and are managed. SFMM is a incredible park with a awesome selection of rides, and they obviously do great at taking the risks on the newest technoligy. But, as you walk through CP it just feels "RIGHT". On a side note, if CP isn't the best park in the country/world, why do ALL other parks always compare themselves to it.

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    Magic Mt. Blows away Cedar Point

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    SFMM has 3 Coasters over 200ft
    <BR>Goliath 255 ft
    <BR>Superman 415ft
    <BR>X 200ft,
    <BR>Deja Vu is 196ft, almost there!
    <BR>and lets not forrget the 200ft woodie in 2002, lol

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    Well its a close call but CP has a better vibe so i'll go with that

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    leftcoastpunks-MXPX, do you think you could have been a little nicer about that one? We don't like to bash people on these boards. Never tell people to shut up, and never tell anyone that they don't know anything about coasters, it does nothing except make you, and all of the ThrillRide! board look bad. Thank you.
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    I would have to say Cedar Point is the better of the two.Cedar Point is a really awesome park and I think it will be getting even better sice SFworlds of adventure moved in and took Geauga Lakes place buying sea world out and stuff.SFWOA is gonna try and top them with new coasters and stuff but Cedar Point will beat them,I just know it.Next year I know CP will come out with something spectacular.SFWOA has this new ride opening may19th called the x-flight,I wouldnt mind taking a ride on that-looks cool.just offering my input
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    Screw em both!!
    <BR>I'd rather ride good wood coasters at SFGAM, SFOG, and SFWOA, matter of fact, I should revisit SFOT.

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    I think the whole idea of a rivalry between the two parks is preposterous. It's all about generating press coverage for both parks; don't buy the hype. Why even compare them? They are halfway across the country from one another and they are not competing for the same customers. Those of us who might travel around the country to ride coasters probably represent a very small fraction of their overall business. Both are thrill parks far superior to anything else in their immediate areas, both like to build record-breakers and offer a great variety of thrills for their customers. Of course if you live near one of the parks and have enjoyed visiting it you will be partial to one over the other, but this my-park-is-better-than-your-park foolishness is just silly.
    <BR>That said, the Travel Channel special last week on the top 10 American parks rated SFMM at #7 and CP at #2.

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    Let me think about this one, ummmmmmm Cedar Point

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