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Thread: SFStl - 04/02/2005

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    SFStl - 04/02/2005

    So I have to go to this Sarbanes-Oxley Act implementation conference in Kansas City next week.

    It ends Thursday afternoon.

    Thursday night, I'm renting a car and driving down to Oklahoma City to watch an exhibition game between the Orioles and Cardinals.

    Friday, I'm driving to Saint Louis. And Saturday, I'll be at SFSTL. I haven't been since 1996. What's cool there? I remember thinking that Batman was total bad-ass, but that was 1996 when the biggest thrill ride that I had been on was the Sidewinder at HP.

    Here's a better question, anyone want to be entertained and put me up for the night if you're somewhere between Oklahoma City and St. Louis?
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    .....not if it's anything like chat night on TN where Diesel gets banned. They would have to ban you from their house as well if someone decided to open their doors to you. Of course it would leave them with some great stories.

    As for what to ride. Mr. Freeze is cool if you like LSM/LIM launch coasters. It's a relatively simple design shuttle but I had a lot of fun on it. I'd recommend a front row ride if possible.

    The Boss was a great wooden coaster when I rode it a couple years ago. It can be very bumpy but for me, that made it a lot of fun. It's tall fast and has a good layout. I don't remember if it had any major headchoppers but there are a lot of hills and turns on it. It's filled with all sorts of G forces on it.

    Another great coaster there and another woodie is Screaming Eagle. You don't hear much about it but I was surprised by this one. It was a lot of fun. If I remember correctly, it's an out and back coaster. There are a lot of hills on this one that give some great airtime many times.

    The rest of the coasters aren't anything really special. Although Ninja was fun and looks similar to Arrow loopers despite being a Vekoma. There are some fun parts on it including a strange headchopper involving the lift hill chain as you go underneath the lift.

    Batman is just another Batman in my opinion. The only difference is that the first drop goes right instead of left which I think is the norm for the Batman clones and also the original Batman at SFGAM. It's ok but nothing special to me.

    The only flatride I went on was Xcalibar, I think it was named. It's a Huss spinning ride. I don't know what model it is but it's the only one that I know of but I'm sure there are others. It was fun but could get some people sick or feeling nautious because of the spinning motion putting you to the side as the lateral G's increase.

    It's a farily nice park but they could really use a big steel circuit coaster (possibly even a hyper) with some big airtime. If you go, have a good time.
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    I'm going on Saturday too!!! = D

    Don't forget about Scooby Doo-Ghostblasters! That ride is fun...if you like shooting things.

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