Well, if your wondering about SheiKra... all the workers were doing were prepping the brakes for the top and mid course. Thats to sum it up for you slackers that are just wondering how SheiKra is doing without having to read my rant.

My first time at the park in 3 months, lots have changed. SheiKra was completed and the road to BGT (McKinley) widened and what was once the entrance to the premium parking area is gone. Big changes of course, some good yet some bad.

The first of these would have to go to stupid ride ops, I was taking a few shots of Kumba. I put my camera in my pocket and the woman at the measuring stick goes, your not allowed to bring that on... Suddenly, I put it in my pocket again and I was ALMOST about to go on a angered rampage at her. She said I couldn't go on, Jeebus H. Christ ITS IN MY DARN POCKET! Leaving the area ticked off, I went over to one of the two coasters I rode today since the park still had Spring Break crowds. The first was Montu, excellent operation until I was stuck on the block break for 5 minutes because of somebody puking in the station after their ride. Then I went to Gwazi, Busch did a **little** TLC and in some parts of the ride got new wood (on Tiger). Less brutal, but still a bad ride.

It was 2 PM and the park was INSANELY crowded and I felt like leaving. An alright day at Busch, but their whole camera policy is stupid. I would like to challenge the manager of the park at mangement saying I would do better because the place has gone to crap since late 2002.

Todays visit: 7/10, could do better, but 5 rides on Montu was good enough.