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    kingda ka

    hi does anybody know when kingda ka is opening?

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    I have no idea, but everyone who wants to ride Kingda Ka, remember what I have to say for the rest of your life!

    TTD ride time: 28 seconds
    TTD trains: 6
    passangers per TTD train: 18
    potential ride line wait: 6+ hours

    Kingda Ka ride time: 60 seconds
    Kingda Ka trains: 4
    passengers per Kingda Ka Train: 18 (I believe)
    So that means that the line wait could be over 20 hours!

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    Ok... The ride "SHOULD" open thur. (this week)

    As for a 20 hour line... wont happen.

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    All Kingda Ka discussion here: [url=""][/url]
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