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Thread: Great Adventure & Hurricane Harbor

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    Great Adventure & Hurricane Harbor

    After a rather lack luster 4th of July, I wanted to spend some time at an amusement park. There was the potential for rain and that means Clementon would already be closed. Since I had just visited three Six Flags parks the week before and loved all three, I figured I'd go for more fun at the home park.

    Hurricane Harbor's lot was semi-full at 4:30. However everybody inside were evenly dispersed. That's the joy of a real waterpark and not a halfbreed water/amusement park. The spring fountains outside were cold! The landscaping inside the park is just as good if not even better than what it had been in the first couple seasons. See AmusementPics for details.

    I went to the parks with another former employee and we started at the The Four Winds. We optted for double tubes to drop faster. The Four Winds was a four-slide complex with sudden drops and waterfalls. The sedate layout made it a nice introduction to the night.

    It put me in the mood for one of my favorite slide complexes, Hurricane Mountain. There were two twisting enclosed slides, a slide with a huge drop finale, a slide with a double dip finale, and two slides for tobaggans. We tried the purple slide first. It has nice quick turns in the dark and a long course. The blue slide offered some crazy speed, even air!

    Big Bambu was the longer of the two family raft slides. While we would have gotten more air with a party of four, the long windy path of the slide still offered an exciting ride.

    We went back to Hurricane Mountain to ride the other slides. This time I opted to ride in the front of the tube which gave us more speed.

    Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom offered even longer, darker, faster slides. It almost felt like we flipped over half the way through.

    The Badas got me in the mood for The Speed Slides. These things are insane. Definitley the scariest ride you can do on property...probably scarier than any ride I've ever ridden.

    Next up was the The Blue Lagoon wave pool for the weakest waves I have experienced. This used to be the most terrifying wave pool. Some little kid must have gotten hurt. The pool wasn't filled with as many people as in GA's picture. It was about 7:00 and there were about 20 of us, including a few couples who were having a real good time.

    Finally, we wound around TAAK IT EEZ EE CREEK. This lazy river picks up speed and spins tubes at will. It is fun to race other tubers. I went on the river to dry off. It was kind of stupid to end my day here. So, I came off more wet than I arrived but had a load of fun.

    We headed over to Great Adventure and found a spot in the third row. The lot was pretty full, but the rain allowed some empty spots near the main gate. The landscaping was beautiful. EPCOT is my favorite park and GA had hints of it. We went over to Mama Floras Cuchina for some Italian food.

    We went on GASM to a walk on for the back seat. Although the Parachutes and the Sky Ride were open, I wanted a thrilling view of the Kingda Ka area. The coaster was running intense and with the heat, swimming around in the water, getting up at 4am and coming here after a day at work, I could see how people find the coaster too intense. However, it still was not painful.

    We then walked next door to the Space Shuttle. We walked on to the second to the last row. This ride scares me every time. How crazy are we to need to be thrilled by such machines? I tried to look straight ahead throughout the ride. However my fears and the headrush got to me. I whimped out and looked to the side when flipping.

    We walked through the beautiful sedate Golden Kingdom to Rolling Thunder. We optted for the airtime side. The op sent us out, "As the clouds roll in and lightning flashes, prepare to weather the storm!" He yeehawed too. We got the stong pops of air on the second and third hills. We were neck and neck with the speed side until the far curve. Then the speed train took off. We inched up bunny hill by bunny hill. With the last hill and curve we flew past the speed side and won. We rode again on the airtime side in the back of the train. We lost and it wasn't as fun or smooth.

    We walked over to look at what was Viper which was now leveled dirt. The ride supe walked over and invited us to ride Rodeo Stampede. What was once a thrilling breakdance became a tame BBL ride. Some little kid probably scratched a nail! With 16 kiddie rides, 13 flat rides, 4 water rides, and 6 other rides, the kid gets hurt on this one. The kid was probably too small, just like the kid on Mission Space. It isn't a Six Flags wide rule as the Breakdance at SFKK was going as fast as any normal breakdance.

    We passed by all of the flat rides in the Fantasy Forest, Lakefront and Old Country for a ride on Nitro. I had ridden Raging Bull the week before and I needed to ride a good hyper. It was less than a ten minute wait with all three trains <------just to sound like an enthusiass. We dropped into the darkness with plenty of air on all of the hills. Good ride! No Intamin, but no B&M ever will be.

    I thought it would be the end of the night. As we walked by Chiller, the ride supe invited us to be on the last train. We walked onto the last row. Whoosh, what a launch! Twist, twist, roll! Up, up up! Then backwards! Roll, twist,! An extra ride made it that much better. We could have rode again, but it was 10:00, I had an hour and a half drive ahead of me and I had to be up at 4 am for work.
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    Sounds like you had a good trip. Glad you had fun. =D
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThunderDan
    However everybody inside were evenly dispersed. That's the joy of a real waterpark and not a halfbreed water/amusement park.
    First off, Wildwater Kingdom, a "halfbreed", practically invented Seasonal Waterparks. Hurricane Harbor was made to compete with Wildwater Kingdom.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThunderDan
    Nitro. It was less than a ten minute wait with all three trains .
    I personally would rather have a walk on with 2 trains (Steel Force). When it has 3 trains it is even better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slnewbus
    First off, Wildwater Kingdom, a "halfbreed", practically invented Seasonal Waterparks. Hurricane Harbor was made to compete with Wildwater Kingdom.
    First off, why do you assume he's comparing it to Dorney? Lots of other parks have waterparks, and since he mentioned Clementon, that's probably what he was comparing it to.

    WWK is a great water park, and I have been many times. IMO, HH is better in that it is a truly immersive themed experience. The theme of WWK seems to be concrete and lots of it. I personally prefer some more trees and scenery.
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    WWK is packed right in. In the Philly area it really stood out for many years. It was my first big water park. Now waterparks are not my niche, so it's a toss up to go either to WWK or HH.
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    I dislike water parks so its all the same to me...

    I can't wait to get back to SFGADV, hopefully in a couple weeks I will make a trip out there.

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