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Thread: Islands Of Adventure Hollywood

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    Welcome back!

    I'll agree with you. That is one of the best (if not the best) parks you have done. Maybe we'll see more in the later in the future.

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    Hey guys, it seems like things have gotten awfully quite around here...

    Well 5 years after starting this park and almost 2 years from the last time I ever played RCT, I figured I'd boot it up today and see what I can do. I kept on going in IOA, building some stuff in Seuss Landing. Here's what I just did, The Cat in the Hat and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish along with some scenery. Don't know when the next time I'll play will be...maybe some day I'll finish the whole thing...

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    And I thought I was good with RCT2... You are amazing. I need to work harder. Nice park. Your architecture is amazing.
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