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Thread: Favourite Show At A Theme Park

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    Question Favourite Show At A Theme Park

    My favourite show that i have seen in a theme park is Indiana Jones Stunt Show at MGM Studios. i also enjoyed many of the firework displays at epcot and the magic kingdom. what was your favourite show or display at a theme park??

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    Well, I usually don't go to the shows but I have been to a few. Right now my favorite would be Hypnosteria at GAdv. It was better last year but it was still great this year. Very funny.
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    Yeah, Indianna Jones is mine. Should this be in Roller Coaster? j/w.
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    I think the Magic Kingdom in FL has the best themepark shows that I've ever seen. A close second in my book would be BGW, and Tokyo Disneysea. Now, that doesn't mean they're the best overall, just the best that I have seen first hand, and my personal favorites. Crime Of The Century at SFGA in 92 and the old Disneymania in FL in the late 80's/early 90's stick out in my head, as well as the Enchanted Laboratory show at BGW, which I think is still there?
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    I really like Katonga at BGT. Just a great show all the way around. Also really liked Aladdin at DCA.

    Have to wonder if you would consider some shows in this, like Muppets 3d and Tough to be a Bug, which I would also include.
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    Bill and Ted's Excellent Hallween Adventure. There is no doubt about it. Harlarious, tons of cussing, and super hot girls. As for regular shows, I'd have to say Festival of the Lion King, Fear Factor Live, or Indiana Jones Stunt Show.
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    Illuminations at WDW would have to be tops for me. 2nd would be The old Main Street Electrical Parade.

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    Cirque Du Solieil at Downtown Disney. (It's part of the WDW resort, so I count Downtown Disney as an amusement park) It ws purely amazing! The acrobatic stunts were just unreal! This is guaranteed for my family to see once every time I go to disney, and has been since 2003 when I first saw it.

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    fantasmic, or Country bears. I don't know why the bears. they used to scare me because of the things on the wall, but now all the shows that scared me before, now seem so cool. same with the Tiki room.
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    School of Rock this year was the best Parmaount show that I've ever seen.

    Can't remember the Disney ones, it's been so long.
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    Fantasmic at MGM is by far my favourite show, but if parades count then WDW's SpectroMagic takes the cake for me.

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    Illuminations: Reflections of Earth is by far my favorite. The combination, quality, and quantity of the music, fireworks, lasers, fountains, lighting, and globe make it a truely unique show. Add to that the fact that you can view it from ANY angle and you have a show that cannot be topped.

    If I had to go a step further, I'd say that last years "Peace on Earth" Christmas tag after Illuminations was incrdieble! They shot off more pyron in that five minutes than they did during the previous 20 minutes of the normal show, and synchronized ot music and laser projections on Spaceship Earth. Amazing.
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    I have to go with either Dreamland Dirve-In at Dollywood or Fantasmic at MGM.
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    well they don't have it anymore, but I really loved the gun fight style show at carowinds. Really funny one.
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