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Thread: bgwfreak reviews the latest of This Page Cannot Be Displayed ( DVD Collection

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    bgwfreak reviews the latest of This Page Cannot Be Displayed ( DVD Collection

    Please note that this review will only cover the 1st disc in the 3 disc set.

    A week or so ago my copy of the latest This Page Cannot Be Displayed ( DVD Coaster Expedition Volume 6: European Extravaganza! arrived in my mailbox.

    I was very excited to see the latest in the Alvey’s series of DVD’s covering their many travels around the globe, coaster whoring all the way. For those unfamiliar with this term, it is what enthusiasts call anyone that would drive 100 miles just to ride a kiddie coaster. Not that Robb or Elissa are guilty of that.

    Pretty much all summer long I had been following Robb and Elissa’s photo updates during and after their European trip.

    Once again Robb brings us top notch quality videos and (something that is very important to me) fun music to listen along to as well.

    The more you watch the videos, the more you realize that most of this stuff would never happen at American parks.

    From the dog farting coaster (yes you read that right), to the slides of death that seem to be everywhere in Europe, to the strange non-Disney/non-Family friendly scenery that just seems to be everywhere in Europe there is always something interesting around every bend.

    Some of the best coasters in the world are featured on this disc as well. From the amazing looking Balder at Liseberg, to the newer wooden coaster Falken at Fårup Sommerland (with one of the funniest tunnels in the world), to the giant Expedition GeForce at Holiday Park coaster enthusiasts will be drooling for sure.

    Besides the normal videos of coaster and rides, Robb and Elissa give us a good feel for how the parks really are with shots of a little bit of everything in the parks.

    Many great mysteries though have been answered on this video. They include: Will Joey ever go across the monkey bars? Who is it that gets attacked by giant furry creatures? What happens when you send a human being flying off like a rocket bouncing across the water on a tiny little boat?

    These and other great mysteries will be solved on Coaster Expedition Volume 6: European Extravaganza!

    The 2nd and 3rd discs give us even more. The 2nd covers actual POV (front point of view) coaster videos. The 3rd is filled with entries from their 2005 coaster video contest.

    For more information visit:
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