ok now ive been pondering this for a while, and need some more input. How many five year olds do you think you could take on in a fight? now for the purposes of this question, all the five yearn olds have been turned into evil zombie five year olds and youre the only thing stopping them from launching a full on nuclear assault on the world. So basically neither you nor the five year olds will feel any remoarse. The battle will take place in an enclosed area about the size of a basketball court, you cannot touch a wall. There are no foreign objects, all parties will be wearing only sweats, a t shirt, and you will be provided with a cup. The evil dictator will be able to handpick the five year olds you are to fight from a random field twice the size of your magic number. They are evenly split boy girl, and have no specific demographic traits other than they are all healthy americans (other than now being evil zombies). Prior to the battle they will all receive a day of instruction in hand to combat, emphasizing group tactics, and your weak points. You will receive an hour of counter training. The battle will end with either you, or every five year old is knocked out. Being zombies they will not get scared at the sight of the fight and the very last one will give it his/her all. How many zombie five year olds could you take on to save the world? explain