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    New Coaster - Rumor - (11/30/05) The latest wild rumor weíve heard claims that the park is now looking ahead and planning their next big coaster. With Zonga down for all of last season and things are not looking goof for 2006 either, itís become important to try and get something new in development. If the rest of the rumors are true, then B&M may be on board for the project and that it may end up being placed where Zonga is now. Itís all rumor at this point, and with the Synder takeover now in progress everything is subject to change.

    taken from screamscape

    Could this be true?
    Maybe its that flyer I have heard so much about!
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    I agree homer.

    Zongaboy, we have a forum search for a reason. PLUS, you posted the original SFMW rumor thread. Would it have been that hard to find it and post this there? Take that story there.
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