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Thread: weird roller coaster

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    weird roller coaster

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    its a weird roller coaster i found on myTV does anyone know what kind of roller coaster it is?
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    It's a Meisho shuttle loop. I have no idea where.
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    Looks like a arrow looper/vekome shuttle thingie
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    That one seems to have a new paint job, as the other Meisho shuttle loops I know that are yellow have the single spine. There's a chance that it's the one at Ikoma, but I'm not sure.

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    Looks fun going backwards..

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    I do believe it is a Meisho shuttle loop. You'd get some badass air going backwards, hitting that dip right after the station.
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    TPR has a POV of a clone of that ride. It's quite amusing. You have to be a TPR Forum Member to view it, and Robb's commentary is amusing.

    Their's is a POV the Atomic Coaster at Mitsui Greenland Park, Japan. It looks like the one in the YouTube Video cause well, obviously it's a clone. It looks like a fun ride. Probably very surprising...
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    Its just another version of a shuttle loop but it looks really fun.

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    Here is the entire listing..funny I've never seen one of these before in the "Random Roller Coaster" link on this site:

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    That is similar to Expiditon Everest at Animal Kingdom (Disney if you didn't know).
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    Meisho / Senyo have made several types of shuttle loop over the years

    Type 1
    The big brothers of the type 2s. these ones feature a much steeper front spike (the trains are still backwards)

    a nice little doodle to demonstrate

    these are found at

    Suntopia World
    Sendai highland
    Rusutsu Resort
    Tojoko Land
    Tedori Fish Land

    the tojoko land one which is now unfortunatly removed was actually biggger than the rest. At a height of 190ft and built in 1973 it held the world height record for a while.

    Type 2
    The ones shown in the video on TPM and above.
    These feature 2 shallower drops and are no where near as high. but still pretty intense. Most of these are credited on the RCDB as senyo and not meisho.

    these are found at

    Japan Monkey Park
    Mitsui Greenland
    Sekitan No Rekishi Mura*
    Misaki Park*
    Mt. Ikoma Amusement Park*
    Odakyu Mukogaoka Yuen*
    Dreamland in Korea

    * = (not listed on the RCDB link above)

    On a side note the Chinese shuttle coaster noted in the RCDB link above was not a Meisho as far as i am aware and was made by a chinese company called sameco. (yes they all sound the same).

    There is also a very simular ride at Siam Park City in Bangkok Thailand. I havent seen enough pictures of the ride to say if its the same
    Stupidly while i was in bangkok i got on the wrong bus and missed this park. Unfortunate as it was my last day in the country.

    There was also of course the legendary moonsault scramble. the first coaster to reach 200ft. sort of :P

    Also i believe the coaster in the video to be The Monkey Park version. The ride appears to be yellow and this only really fits with Monkey Park or Dreamland in Korea and im sure that one looks over a lake.
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