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Thread: Mac vs. PC

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    Mac vs. PC

    What do you smart, brilliant, technologically inclined people think is better. A Mac computer or a PC running Windows? I like Windows computers because they are easy to customize and upgrade, and have far more support and games that run on it.

    The "Ultra Powerful" G5 Mac ran at raround 2 Ghz. That isn't very stunning. Maybe the intel chips can help make porting games easier and make the computers faster.

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    I guess ill have to go with Windows since i have never used a Mac/Apple.

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    Well, I actually like to play I'll go with PC.
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    PC all the way, you can customize and build your own which is the best part of it all...Apple computers are just overpriced pieces of crap.

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    The Macintoshes are just as overpriced as the Ipods.

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    Yeah, I know a lot of people who like macs, I really don't get why. I built a windows pc for 600 a year ago and it can still play anything on high, it would be 2000 for a mac thats only 2ghz that can't play any games, and the video and audio on them really isn't any better/diffeant then windows like most people say...

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    Well, new Macs are admittedly pretty cool, sleak, powerful, and stable..... BUT... they are illogical to buy for the average computer user. Macs are much better for certain uses, but like 95% of computer users would benefit much more from a PC.

    So, I'm not going to automatically say "OMG MACS SUCK LOL" like a lot of people like to do, because they don't. However, I also hate when people think they are elite by using a Mac when they have no real reason to use one. They are like the iPod. The iPod is a cool device... but it is overpriced and there are similar things out there for cheaper.

    Either way, I will always stick with Windows PCs because I am so much more familiar with Windows, I really think Windows XP is a pretty darn good operating system, and I like being able to upgrade my PC with ease... as well as play games.
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    keep in mind, a 733mhz G4, that I own, is faster than a 1.8ghz Pentium 4, also own. Mac architecture is far more intelligent and stable. It really comes down to what you are doing. Internet and Gaming, PC. Graphics and Audio, Mac. I own and operate a professional recording studio, I have used both macs and PCs for audio purposes, and I will never use a PC for any audio project again!!!!!!!!!! I also do not have my Mac on the internet, or have any games installed on it, as it is a dedicated audio machine.

    Also, upgrading a Mac is the easiest thing I have ever done, I had never had a single problem. No drivers to install, etc.

    Also keep in mind why this is all happening. IBM V. Apple, IBM released the rights to freely manufacture products for there computers, Apple did not, what has come of that is PC's have thousands of upgradeable parts, some cheap and some expensive, and they don't always work with each other. On the other hand, Macs are limited in terms of upgrades(mind you they have the same products) but it is going to work and it will not be hard to install.

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    ^How much RAM is in each computer track_six?

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    PC's are certainly better. My main reason: compatability. A lot of games and devices aren't compatable with Macs. And as for audio purposes, the audio on my PC works just fine, and I can't imagine it being that much better on a Mac.

    And as Raptor stated, I really hate it when people act like they're elite because they have a Mac. All they did was spend more money for something that can probably do less.

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    I wouldn't go that afr and say that they payed more for something that isn't good. I am a PC guy, but my next computer in June will probably be a Mac, following my horrible experience with Dell, when my computer was sent with the wrong motherboard. What a disaster.
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    Macs are good for graphics!? That new Mac photo editing software is horrible when you put it next to Adobe Photoshop. I much prefer PS7 over the new Mac software. I really only find that Macs are good for presentations and video editing. Although the new cross compatability program that is available may have me looking at a Mac for a laptop for college. I still much prefer a Windows XP interface to the newest Macs though, and I greatly pity anyone still using Windows ME. Trust me, upgrading to XP is well worth the money.
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    Im with PC's all the way. A custom built PC made for around $1000 can beat anything Mac can put out at this time. I like PC's because they've been faster and more reliable, have many more games, and Windows is a heck of a lot nicer then any Mac OS. All the Macs my I've used at my school have not been good. They are slow, unreliable, and can be really annoying. My school is under a program with Apple where each student gets a laptop, which is nice, but the things are constantly having problems and having to get replaced. Mine always freezes up while I'm running 2 programs at once. I'll always be behind PC's.

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    numbers have nothing to do with it, mac needs less, so it gives more. my school is Running OSX on a G4 group and its as good as windows running on my laptop, so macs need less, 700 mhz processors deliver 1Ghz Win speeds/. Macs are better for GFX design. CS2 is feature loaded on mac where as on win you have more crashes/bugs. Macs rarely have viruses/exploits. Im leaning to Macs
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    Macs. I've never had any crashes, except the instability I get running LimeWire.

    Also on Mac, the mice track more smoothly. Slower overall tracking speeds, but much more smoothly than mice under Windows.

    Plus, it's based in UNIX, not old Microsoft code.

    My iBook G4 at 1.42Ghz runs better than the 3Ghz machines at Best Buy. Desktops even!

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    I'm going with PC's on this one, for one sole reason: Compatibility.

    I've been doing a lot of research for the purchase of my laptop for College. I was seriously looking into a Powerbook. It would be very simple and provide the utilities I need. What I need to realize is that all the programs I use right now which I am very familiar with and love, will not be compatbile with my Powerbook. My $600 dollar video editing program, will not be compatible with the Powerbook, I feel that is a loss.

    If you're into gaming, shut out Mac's immediatley. With PC's you are able to build them from the ground up, and customize, tweek, and overclock them. Macs do have power, but are locked and certainly limited. Upgrades? Forget about them. Eventually over time your Mac will become slower, less sleek, and not able to keep up.

    I really do like Macs. They break taditional PC usage, but simply do not have the compatability to suffice what a PC can do. Mac does have great programs, but isn't even comparable to the wide range PC has. PC simply kills mac in terms of software, compatability, and lasting appeal.

    A PC is also more affordable. Mac's seemed to be engineered towards simple computer users, but I think that has changed. I think its aimed towards users that don't want conventional software, something thats visually appealing and good looking, people who are impatient and lazy, and those that need visual learning. I'm not saying that its 100% true, but thats my personal opinion.

    With that, PC all the way.
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