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    Fantastic ending to this show. Now we wait for the movie(s)!
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    Next up: Off season. Boo.
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    I am sad this show is now off the air. I want to keep Jack around. Without him this world SUCKS!

    Anyway.....great last two hours. Not how I pictured it would end, but I sure as heck can't wait for the movie.
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    I need to watch Season One, Two, complete the season where there was the bomb in the mall to bridge my gap to where I saw Hector die and picked up this series.

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    Random thoughts on the finale

    Well, let's see: First and foremost, they missed the chance to bring in Chuck Norris after I found a way to make it fit seamlessly for them- EPIC FAIL

    So, the zzzzzzzPeace Processzzzzzzzz didn't go off after all. That means this whole season was about.... what?

    Sucks to see the show go. From now on, I guess I'll have to dig in the yard when I want to find moles. I wasn't in from the beginning. came in during season 4 (I think) I'll go back and watch the first three, now.

    President Nixon....err Logan has now been reduced to a vegetable who soils himself. Nice that he got a warmup in the limo last week.

    Nice to see Jackula show himself by going all Mike Tyson on Logan's man-boy.

    Why is it that when two guys are pointing guns at one another, engaging in dialogue, that one doesn't say "hey, I know- I'll pull the trigger before he does?"

    It was nice to see a CTU perimneter fail in reverse. Every other perimeter has failed by someone getting out- this one failed by someone getting IN.

    I know I'll get lambasted for this, because most people like The Scowlpout, but when Jack was choking Chloe, I was thinking "Yeah- keep going, keep going!"

    For those who read MY outline for the rest of the series, notice that I hit VERY close about Mrs President Pompadour and Madame Woman President woman.

    They should have brought Aaron back for a cameo at the very least. He was easily my favorite character in the series (excluding freckled redhead FBI agents that look uberhot emerging from the Potomac)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian F View Post
    I know I'll get lambasted for this, because most people like The Scowlpout, but when Jack was choking Chloe, I was thinking "Yeah- keep going, keep going!"
    lmao. Don't feel bad, I felt the same way. That ended pretty good with a good lead in for a movie. However, I was sooooo convinced that Dahlia was going to put a bullet in the Russian President's brain at the very end. That would have led to one heckuva movie right there. Dahlia and Jack on the run together (New Agent Freckles?) from the Russian mob!!!
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    It's funny how quickly I changed my opinion of the actress playing Dahlia from the start of the season. At the beginning she seemd very whiney and I was ready to be done with her on the show, but she turned out to be one of the best ones overall I though from this season.

    I was so hoping Logan was going to get it in the end, maybe the final shot of the movie will be him in jail.

    Did anyone else catch the fact that 24 ended on 5/24?
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