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Thread: If you could make your skin any color....

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    If you could make your skin any color....

    What color would you choose if you could make your skin any color? I am not just talking about white or black, but any color. What would you choose?

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    Go Mark! Cephas's Avatar
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    Being transparent would be kinda neat for about 2 hours...
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    I'd probably go with red or a lime or neon green. Not that would be cool.
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    I guess i would have to go with transparent but also for a few hours or days, but really i would go with blue.

    Very intresting topic.

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    I'd love like a dark bluish purple skin tone, bright green eyes, with stone white hair :O)

    Or maybe that trippy color of like when you see a puddle of water with oil in it, you know that metalic rainbow looking color.

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    Dark Blue would be cool.

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    Umm, light brown...I hate being pale in the winter.

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    During football season it would have to be Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange on Saturdays, and Burgandy and Gold on Sundays.
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    Suspended Poster Brian P's Avatar
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    People sure are creative these days. Kind of a neat thing to think about...I can't imagine that type of world, now that would be crazy! As for me, I'd probably go with something basic: black, navy, white, maroon, etc.

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    Blast Off! rjholla2003's Avatar
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    Blue. Maybe some silver mixed in there to rep the Cowboys, and some white so the Yankees don't feel left out. Maybe red eyelids and nails to rep the Devils a little bit.
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    Feel the 'love coasterlove's Avatar
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    Ummm, I don't know. I'll say transparent so I could spy on people. Although I wouldn't want it permantently but rather have the ability to turn it on and off as I please.
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    Well that defies the purpose of having your skin any color doesn't it? You can't change your skin on and off now...It's not like it's giving you the opportunity to have superpowers or anything.

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    Let me have chameleon traits...

    I'd say Maize and blue...but certain parts of the body would not look good in blue. There's always Brown and orange, but again, the same thing. Godforbid scarlet and grey, but I have a leg that is rather red...perhaps I should see a doctor...
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    I agree with Andrew! Give me the chameleon colors! (I already can do the eyes... haha)

    I think it would be pretty cool to be metallic, and glimmer in the sun. Talk about sunglasses whenever you look down at your watch to see what time it was...
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