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Thread: How to create avatar

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    How to create avatar

    I dont know how make an avatar be something other than the Jr. track or mad mouse pictures. And I dont know how to edit what it says underneath ur screen name

    someone help me
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    Well, you have to have 100 posts to have a custom avatar. So you have to wait, unless you join the Coaster Crew and then you automatically get a custom avatar.

    As for what your what it says under your name, you have to go into your control panel and click edit options. You can fix everything from your control panel.
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    Yeah, it kinda annoys me. Does it have to do any thing with Bandwith stuff (not much of a computer nerd, kinda though).

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    As a new member, you will need to read the Site FAQs and the ThrillNetwork terms of use if you haven't done so already. Actually, you should have already read, understood, and concurred to them before you even sign up as a member here if you haven't read them yet.

    And a simple answer to your question: the more posts you have on here, the more options you have to select for your avatar.
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