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Thread: Best flat ride lighting

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    I think it's Chaos. It makes it more chaotic when your riding.
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    Power Tower.The colors are cool,and beautiful.

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    Spin Out
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    I agree with the first two posts. You just can't beat the purple and yellow scheme of Chaos. And Power Tower lights just look so cool. As a matter of fact, it is my desktop wallpaper!
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    all lighting on flat rides is cool. i love riding at night. tha lights are soo cool. but i would have to say huss top spins.
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    Supreme Scream i have seen pictures of it it looks really cool

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    I agree with you Natelox. Every flat ride (or at least most) have amazing lighting schemes! I love them a lot because at night time when you're walking by one, it feels kind of nostalgic to see a flat ride light up because it reminds you of your old days at the carnival. They're great! I especially love the inverting flat rides with amazing lighting. At night, they look like alien spaceships.

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    Thumbs up Music-Type Rides

    As I said before, the Himalaya, including the Musik Express types have the best lighting. I love all the colors from the lights especially when they're flashing in a phsyicadelic way. the phattest thing the most is when the ride goes faster, all the lights shut off and the strobes come on mixed in with a fog machine. [COLOR=darkblue]YOU JUST CANT BEAT THAT, DAWG!!!![/COLOR]
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    Im going to have to sey that Shockwave at PCW has the best lighting. If you go on that ride at night all you can see is a mirage of green, red, and yellow flashing right in front of you when you are flipping, spinning, and pretty much doing everything that a flat ride can do.

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    I like the lighting on Dr.Doom's fearfall. The ride may not be great, but theres a great view of IOA at night. And the old parachute ride at SFOG was awesome at night too. But I think thats closed now...
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    Chaos, fun to ride and watch.

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    The Wonder Wheel at Kennywood did, but now it is in a park in Mexico.
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    Probably Trabant/Casino/Swabinchen(R.I.P.). I love the lights under the table-platform thing. Very cool.
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    I think the best lights are in Move It 32. I saw this ride and thought its amazing and almost got tempted to ride it although I shouldnt.
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    This kinda belongs in polls so I am going to move it there. Any thread that is to do with 'best of..', 'your favourite..' etc is a poll.

    On topic, I would probably have to say that Phantom Mannor in DLP has some amazing lighting effects. Moderator
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    I've always liked the lighting on Super Orbitor rides. I like how every arm has lights.
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    I seem to remember a long time ago, I'm not sure if it still exists, at Conneaut Lake Park they had a Scrambler in a building and it had lighting that seemed to be like an old roller rink, you know--mirror ball and DJ lights with load music as you swung around--awesome. Gotta agree with the Wonder Wheel at KP--it was sweet!
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