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    This is my Intamin Jr Hyper entry to the "Elementary Contest." All but 10ft of straight, flat, "connect" track was made in Elementary using a "straight" formula, the ever-useful HSAK wizard, and the fairly new FVD formulas. The entire layout from the top of the lift to the start of the brakes was created with 4 FVD sections. Trackwork is nowhere near perfect as I'm still getting a feel for the FVDs.

    Also, this is my first stab at fully custom supports. All the support nodes and the track connecter flanges were hand-placed. I left out the mid-tube flanges on purpose to save on framerate.

    Take note that there are NO brake fins anywhere on this ride. It passes e-stop perfectly using "LIM" brakes and "friction wheels."

    Questions, comments, criticisms all welcome!

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