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Thread: Destination: Disturbia - Journey to Niflheim

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    Destination: Disturbia - Journey to Niflheim

    Firstly an apology to those who follow my projects here for keeping you lot in the dark.
    I've been rather busy working on my latest project "Destination: Disturbia - Journey to Niflheim", which is a major dark ride project. Despite my lack of advertising, the project page at the NLDC has already received 100 hits since it went up a few days ago, so it looks to me like this ride is going to be a big hit!
    The only place for ALL the info is

    As usual, I've been busy working on the things that don't usually feature in coaster projects; this time some truly gruesome graphics that will send chills right down your spine, some neat perspective tricks, a static madhouse style revolving room trick that both looks the part and makes you feel totally upside down and a bag full of other surprises!
    That's not to mention a really great storyline this time, and the first outing for my new 3DS support system on the exterior track which I will soon be displaying.
    As usual, I'd be delighted for feedback, suggestions, sensible improvements and the rest.
    If you have any spooky images which would work well as textures, I would be delighted to find out more.
    Until I have more news, I bid you farewell,
    P.S. Don't die screaming

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    Looks very creepy, just make sure this doesn't turn out to be a flop. I hope you make this coaster your best so far. Another question; where did you find those pictures of the human hostages?

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    Holy creepy! That lighting is perfect... yikes.
    Holy CoW! - another NoLimits project

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    New Download

    Your first chance to meet face2face with the terrible Egwin Mould. This trailer is 18 rated and requires confirmation of age after download before content is displayed.

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