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Thread: I hate fast pass...

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    It is a cool idea but it has it's faults. It gets rid of that time you wait in line, but you end up walking around the park instead. Hence the already crowded park has more people wandering around making it seem even more crowded. The system would be fine for large parks with a large capacity...but not for the already crowded Disneyland, Busch Gardens, or Kennywood.

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    I think it just gives the people who use it more time to ride other stuff. I know that if I was at a park using fastpass I wouldn't be wasting my extra time wandering

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    wandering no...but walking around to some other place. The pass is just like having a virtual buddy hold your place in line. The ride still has the same capacity and the park has the same capacity. For RCT...if you have shorter queues then there will be less people waiting in line and more people walking around. A longer line would take more people out of the "park" and put them in lines. Hence making the park seem less crowded. Also in RCT...when it rains, all the peps will not enter a line...keeping the population walking around...hence the many messages "it's too crowded here". The more people that are stuck inline the less crowded the park seems.

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    i agree, I HATE FASTPASS. it caused me alot of trouble last time in disney . one time i went with a large group and they wouldn't let us keep the cards, hensforth, couldnt' use fastpass. the other time i still didnt' like it when i could use fastpass cause i perfer an unscedlued day. and my philosify is "you wanna ride, you wait"
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    Right on!!! I think parks should just try to make thier rides higher capacity, that way your whole park experience will be much more enjoyable.

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    I loved FastPass. It let me ride more of the second tier rides that I otherwise wouldn't have. What is the difference if I'm waiting in line at Jungle Cruise, or sitting inside Tiki Room.
    <BR>Back to the RCT analogy. I don't want every guest in my park waiting in the line for my biggest coaster. I'd reather they were riding the scrambled eggs across the way (that no one would ride otherwise) while waiting their turn.
    <BR>In MK, I may ride Snow White or Small World if I have a half hour before my FastPass for BTMRR is good. If I had to stand in line for 2 hours per coaster, there is no way I'd waste a half hour in Fantasyland.
    <BR>FastPass spreads the crowd to the less thrilling rides instead of leaving them standing for hours in line.

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    I agree, fast pass deserves to be burned! I mean it totally slows down the normal queue line because peeps with fast pass are let on before you like they are more important just because they bought a multi-day ticket. One time the line for space mountain should have been like a 40min wait but it turned into a 90min wait because the line barely moved as fast pass holders past us in line. Also in disney i like waiting in some lines because theyr so well themed. To me the disney lines are part of the ride. Another thing that annoys me is that the times on the tickets change like every 2 seconds so u have to rush in line so all ur group members can ride at the same time. Fast Pass is a terrible system & is totally unneeded.
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    I think fellow enthusiast Mike Overell said it best: "Fastpass is a solution that doesn't work to a problem that didn't exist in the first place..."

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    When you stand in line for the Rocket Rods for over two hours, there is a problem. They ought to develop a system that actually plans your day for the peak hours say from 10-7. At Disney it's the masses of people that cause the problem, not so much park layout, but if you go to most parks, people flow in one direction. Only the select few (We ThrillRiders!) are smart enough to resist the flow and find shorter lines.

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