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    Desert Shadows Center

    The Desert Shadows Center is a new amusement/water park/amphitheater being built in Scottsdale, Arizona. When complete, the park will boast a large, state of the art Amphitheater to host musical events as well as other stage events, the largest water park in the state, and a wide variety of rides, shows, shopping and dining. So far, construction has been completed on the entryway to the parking lot, the lot itself, and the park entrance, as well as much of the amphitheater (some paving is still to be done, as well as some more equipment installations)

    The Park Entry plaza, and ticketing.

    The Amphitheater.

    Parking lot and "walk up" entry.
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    The Desert Shadows Company decided to release the plans to the Waterworks Park, which is going to be attached to the amusement park via a pathway. Visitors pay a single fee to attend both. The park will have two 50 foot drop slides, a 75-65 foot straight/spiral trio, two speed slides, a much smaller stage for smaller local bands, and a lazy river.

    The entrances to the water park.

    The newest addition, stretching over the entryways...

    The Comet! It's 65 foot first hill and stretched out and back design are reminiscent of the good ol days of coasters like Cedar Point's Blue Streak.
    o hai. i herd u liek mudkipz?
    Favorites: Amusement Park: Cedar Point

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